Thursday, August 21, 2014


I have a new passion and I call it Tobacco Road. It is a new 'retail concept' I have configured from something that has been brewing in my head for awhile now. Not necessarily a new idea for the style makers as it has been done before in various forms and locations, but this one is new at least for me.

Curious Sofa, as much as I loved the brand and the time I gave it (and all of you for liking it too), can take care of itself in a way. There will always be small changes it can master but for the most part, I feel my focused passion for it has moved on. It's hard to change when you have built a customer base on something that has served you well.

My new desire to build Tobacco Road is right where I was 14 years ago with Curious Sofa. Every little detail from graphics to display to products got me excited while planning the brand down to the light bulbs (Edison of course!). And although Tobacco Road is not a full-on, 4,000 sf brick and mortar store, the details of it are still important to me. I joke that it is my "pathetic Midwest attempt at Ralph Lauren's Double RL". (look here) But you won't find any $300 belts (mine are under $25) or vintage motorcycles (I wish) or $2,000 Indian rugs. What you will find is affordable rugged clothing (western shirts, denim jackets, canvas bags, cowboy boots, newsboy caps- most under $30) and inexpensive Southwest style beaded jewelry. Then I mix in some industrial lights, rusty carts, wooden ladders, rag rugs, apothecary bottles, vintage books, Indian baskets, tufted wing chairs and like I said, the results are "my pathetic attempt....". It's simply what I love and what I would wear, use and decorate with myself. Curious Sofa always had a touch of laid back country and Tobacco Road has that too, certainly more rural visually, but that is more my style anyway. As I fine tune and update both of my spaces are Top Hat Mercantile I can easily see the two melding into one. Why can't a crystal chandelier be hung inside a teepee?? Why wouldn't you wear a white linen skirt with cowboy boots? Hmmm... I may be onto something. Or wait, Ralph has already done that!

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