Thursday, September 18, 2014


I always get an email around this time of year, asking when my Halloween merchandise will finally be posted to the website. Today it is! I know what you're thinking... not the WOW you are used to seeing these things used in my former store. But this is where your own creativity comes in. It can be difficult for me now to show you the 'how to' of using these items in a creative way. I no longer have sofas and chairs, tables and walls to display with. But instead, just a 500 sf studio that has a few different surfaces and backgrounds. So let me do this via cyberspace:

 Who doesn't love these giant paper lanterns? Add three of these on your porch or in a tree on Halloween night to illuminate your home for Trick or Treaters. Hang from a strand of Xmas lights and watch them glow. BUY HERE

 These sweet little mice are good from Halloween to Christmas. Clip to branches, leaves or group around a centerpiece. BUY HERE

 I love these large felt totes not only for a new type of trick or treat bag but also for hanging on your front door (or inside door). Fill with dried flowers and stems. BUY HERE

Using old bottles is all the rage at Halloween. Peel off these labels or turn them around and add your own design.  BUY HERE
 Love this Scaredy Cat bag for the front door too.

 Only one left! This Cat on a Stick; mask or centerpiece.

 Sisal Owls for Halloween and Thanksgiving!
 How cool is this?!! From Kansas City artist Lesa Dailey, this Crepe Paper Mask is a collector's item. Design an outstanding costume to compliment this or secure around a pumpkin or place in a centerpiece. BUY HERE

 Sturdy and long lasting glittery WELCOME sign to use on your front door alone or inside a large wreath.  BUY HERE

 This dramatic mask is a perfect example of using masks for decorating. Place in a vase along with feather and twigs for a stunning centerpiece. BUY HERE

   My new favorite item is this set of three luminary papers. Printed on sturdy vellum each design is different. Use as-is and wrap around your glass hurricane or battery candle. Cut shorter for a variety of sizes. Use up the stairs, outside or in a centerpiece. BUY HERE

Halloween garland to use a dozen of different ways: Drape from a mantle, hang over a doorway, cut apart and use as ornaments. Sturdy glittery cutouts on black satin. BUY HERE

AND AS ALWAYS, vintage items just in too!

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