Saturday, October 04, 2014


It's October, it's First Friday, and that can mean only one thing: Curious Sofa is in full regalia for Halloween. It's been 4 years since I had to do a 'big wow' for this haunted season so creating another display was tough to get off the ground. My first hurdle is that my space is about 1/10th the size of my former store so a big wow is hard to do now. But I had no choice than to dust off my styling pants and jump in.

It's funny how things evolve as an antique dealer/stylist/(perfectionist!). I really had nothing in my mind of what theme I wanted to do or a product to inspire me. I did know I had a giant, 93" black farm table that I was using in my studio and a sprinkling of Halloween product from the internet, so that was about it.

Then as I spent the week hunting for antiques as I always do, I discovered these amazing blue chairs and suddenly a theme was born:

Blue chairs with black vinyl for Curious Sofa? Well yes, especially to go with my black table. But blue for Halloween?? For me, I can stretch an idea that can hopefully make sense to someone (especially me!). All of this lead me to remember a display I did in 2008 that never got much attention because my picture of it was so terrible. I called it the Witches Banquet. I added a giant tree stump down the middle of this farm table, a vase of black and burgundy roses, witches hands holding red cabbage, furry rats, Spanish moss and off I went.

I LOVED this display but I shot it at midnight, without a flash and all the wonderful details were lost so I decided to revisit it again for 2014.

Below is my 2014 version: 
- The walls were already lined with printed kraft paper I had left over from the last show. I secured dried corn stalks between them.
- I hung vintage gold mirrors on top of the paper, making the entire back wall a dull gold color.
- The black table filled the space, left to right, with tree stumps down the middle.
- I had three antique chandeliers hanging over the table.
- The four blue chairs on both sides of the table that lead me to turn off all the lights in my space and add blue tinted bulbs making it look more like midnight.
-  I had collected dozens of old brass candlesticks to hold the battery charged candles.
- My popular witches hands were at each place setting and then I added black crows, fresh (not orange!!) pumpkins, an old mantle clock, a few old sepia photos, Voila!


I always love adding an upholstery piece to my space because so much is wood, paint or metal. This velvet wing chair sold first thing:

Two days before the show I found this old 70's French style hutch which was perfect to place at one side of the space and fill with more Halloween goodness. The dark brown/black color was perfect.

Behind the dining table I added a skinny industrial table perfect for this concrete owl and large lanterns. And I had to get the mannequins out again to display the skeleton heads. Always a crowd favorite.


Across the isle is Tobacco Road. My other space with vintage clothing, rustic home goods, boots, bags and more. I have a great collection of leather jackets and cable sweaters for fall and of course, love the winter whites!

Also, Top Hat Gift Shop is full of new Halloween items; masks, owls, signs, lanterns and more.
Sad to think it all comes down in 48 hours but that is how this venue works. Please hurry down if you're in Kansas City or mark your calendars for the next show, November 7, 8 & 9 when all my spaces will be transformed to a glorious winter wonderland and Christmas will be oozing from every surface! (Yikes!)

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