Friday, January 30, 2015


"New year, new you". We've all heard this a hundred times. Somewhere in my late 30's, I accepted that the new year does not have to mean a new resolution must always be made. Now, as I get older, I seem to evaluate a 'new me' nearly everyday! What I once liked, I no longer do. Culture changes so rapidly that I find myself saying no to most of it. When I skim over iTunes top 10 music, I rarely know most of the hit makers. I quickly say to myself, "You need to stay on top of this. Don't turn out to be an old lady or more importantly an out of touch old lady! Do your homework, stay interested, get with it!". Then I just as quickly say, "Who cares? Been there done that". I used to know all the music when I was younger. I always knew who the face was on the cover of the magazines. And although tv critics are out of control now, I used to know who they were talking about! Now, I simply don't have a strong enough interest to do any homework. Is knowing what Kim Kardashian is doing going to help my soul?

I have joked among my friends for years now that my home looks like I am Amish. Once a magazine shoot was over, all the layering and paraphernalia went back to the store. Now, four years after my shops closing, I am still looking at bare walls. No joke, not a single picture is hanging in my house- and I am fine with that. In fact, I love it. So despite changes that come and go, internally and externally, the one thing that still has not changed for me is my love of white (and neutral and gray and raw wood). All of that screams SERENITY NOW! I simply love no color. But don't get me wrong, I often see colorful items that I comment about. Just the other day I saw a new car that was the most amazing olive green. I just don't want to live with it (or wear it!).

A clean, organized, white life does something to my soul. It's hard enough to stop the tapes playing in your head or the eyes from darting back and forth wanting everything you see or the mouth talking nonstop and saying things you wish you could rewind; controlling your environment is more doable than all those things I fail at miserably.

As I looked over my recent Pinterest posts, I couldn't help but notice a theme I seem to have going on that wasn't intentional; simplicity. The majority of images that speak to me now say something much more than just being a pretty picture. They depict a stillness I am striving for. I am ready for the chaos to calm down, whether figuratively or literally. I want less to see but more meaning in what I see. I want richness without visual confusion. I want stillness without being still. January or not, seems like a good time to begin.

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