Thursday, December 17, 2009

More Is More

Mercury, mercury and more mercury. Candle holders galore, from $4.50. We can help make your dinner table sparkle.

What a great December we are having putting out new merchandise and re figuring the store every week. We love seeing more of our customers and meeting their friends and family and secretly knowing what some of you are receiving this Christmas. It is so humbling to meet the husbands (always at the last minute) who say, "This is my wife's favorite shop. Show me what to get her."

Take a look at just some of our newest goods and remember, tonight is our last Thursday OPEN 'TIL 8:00!

Our own local candle guys, Pickwick & Co. (Read about them here.) We carry 16 of our favorite clean burning, soy based scents. $28.00

A fun conversion to your favorite bottle. Votive Fleur de Lis candle insert, $21.95.

Deep Burgundy Red Velvet Chair, $425.

This fun packaging is actually a calender, great for Dad, $18.95.

Of course we are a dog-loving shop. Various books and cards from $9.95

More vintage rhinestone necklaces, bracelets, broaches and earrings. From $29.95.

Locally artists vintage rings from $19.95 - $65.

This new bib necklace seems to be all the rage, $69.95.

Lavender sachets with bird motif, $11.95 .

Angel canvas $24.00, Pearl cross pendant $3.25.

And a final WOW! A new linen tufted side chair. $625.

We have many more new items as well.
Don't forget us for some last minute stocking-stuffers. We hope to see you!