Saturday, September 24, 2011

Seven on Saturday 9/24

Almost October everyone!
I've received a few emails confessing you are missing a Curious Sofa Halloween, but this season I am welcoming one year off. The weeks of work it took for my staff and I to prepare... well, I just needed to skip it one time to regroup. Not to shake the holiday off completely, I did manage to find a few oddities to add to the online store. Just a touch of this and that to make your old decorations come alive again. Look around:

Loving these glitter pumpkins available in three colors. (Lavender, yes!!)

Large frosted votive glasses with removable spider web.

Crazy skull clips for the kids or hand black lace over the windows.

Back in stock: The Curious Sofa witches hand.

Thorn Garland (Picks too) covered with navy glitter.

Large or small Bleeding Candle Skulls.

And for the not so ghoulish: our popular ivory crackled pumpkins.


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  1. I love the small skulls on the clothes pin! I could actually see them on a hair-grip, that would be perfect for Halloween!

  2. I just spent the most delightful hour or two browsing all the way back in your blog to 2006, and then browsing through your store. Your style is so lovely and achievable, and your narrative voice makes me feel like I would enjoy a cuppa joe and an afternoon's chat with you. Thanks for all the loveliness you have added to the internet.

  3. It just makes me so sad not to see the store...enjoy your time off but figure out how to get back to are such a great inspiration!
    Take care


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