Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Bucket List


Many times throughout life an opportunity comes along and you know that it is something too good to be true. Last week I learned of a shopping trip that goes beyond my antique journeys to Round Top or Nashville or Minnesota... how about France?

Carol Bolton called to let me know she and her husband Tim have been asked to lead a scavenger hunt through Provence. Can you imagine anything more divine? It seems while they were selling at Marburger, they were approached by Mary Baskin, the owner of Vagabond International to lead a trip to Provence in October (during my birthday, argh!!) and Carol wanted all of you to know.

Click here to read more about Vagabond. Surely a trip of a lifetime. (And if anyone wants to help pay my way, I'd gladly pay you Tuesday for a trip in October!!!) Dreaming....