Thursday, August 02, 2012

Great Old Stuff

Hot August Greetings everyone!

Wow, I just realized it has been two months since I have written a blog post! I am only a little bit sorry because I have a good excuse; I have exchanged my blog writing for quick daily entries on the Facebook page. I hope all of you are following me there as I feel it is more effective, less time consuming and you can look or not without having to search out this blog.

Now with that said, I still wanted to share some pictures of antique, vintage and one-of-a-kind items I have available online. My days are still spent hunting for new goods, fixing, cleaning, shooting pictures and loading them to the website. I am also enjoying my little booth at Lone Elm Antique Mall here in Kansas City which many of you have made the pilgrimage to (thanks for that!). 

As always, my new finds appear online first so I can be fair to all my customers across the U.S. then the items that are overstocked or ready to put on sale are taken to Lone Elm for the locals to enjoy. 

Next month I will be dressing the entrance of Lone Elm for Halloween- but be warned! it will be a much smaller scale than you have been used to seeing from me in the past but there will still be some great merchandise (old and new) for sale there and online as well as some good decorating ideas.

Now let me show you some items for sale from the online store that I just loved finding for you:
(All the links are not working so please go to the website to shop!)

This giant MEXICAN TIN STAR BURST is perfectly covered with rust and ready to hang from your tree, porch or sit on a mantle as sculpture. The two IRON TRIVETS would make a perfect start for a collection in your kitchen.
To my amazement there are a lot of TEA TIN collectors out there so I grab them when I can.
I am always fascinated by CIGAR BOX graphics and these do not disappoint. Display or fill with your crafts.
The inside lids of the boxes above.
A set of 8 SILVER BABY SPOONS and an assortment of crystal S & P SHAKERS. Many of you repurpose these into new jewelry and crafts.
ZINC METAL section that makes a perfect divider down the middle of your table or hang on a wall as a shelf! A hard to find HOTEL SILVER TEAPOT for silver lovers.
This cool collection of VINTAGE JUICERS would be great framed in your kitchen and a large SILVER PLATTER for your collection.
INDUSTRIAL STYLE CAGE LIGHT perfect for over your work table or kitchen island as well as our popular EUROPEAN STYLE BOTTLE HOLDER to use in the craft room for ribbons or kitchen for coffee mugs.
All the KITCHEN SCALES I offer online sell fast but this one is a little different; made of heavy cast iron with two display areas to fill with fruit or great on a display table. The DOGGY PILLOW to the right melts my heart!
A set of 2 POCKET WATCHES for you to hang from a large chain and wear as jewelry. This collection of MUSTACHE MEN photographs is also a favorite and would look great in a manly bathroom.
VINTAGE CHEESE GRATERS as kitchen art. Antique CAST IRON LAMPS with naked frames for you to use as-is or add fabric.
Stunning TAMBOUR LACE CURTAIN PANEL with the intricate detail we love. Distressed metal FLORAL CANDLE SCONCE adds just the right amount of detail on a skinny wall or next to a large mirror.
I currently have two collections of VINTAGE WOODEN HANGERS for sale and love these to display a favorite piece of clothing or collect for a stunning closet full. The SESSIONS CLOCK works! and chimes every 15 minutes.
SHABBY TRAY with original paint and flowers. Hang on a wall or pile with perfume bottles. Another BLUE FLORAL TEA TIN for your collection.
Large and wonderful IVORY JEWELRY BOX plays the theme from the Godfather! And a wonderful LAMBSWOOL SWEATER covered with gold bugle beads would make you stand out this Christmas!