Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December 11, 2012

I'm in St Louis today, visiting my good friend Elizabeth for her birthday and to play nurse maid as she has had some devastating effects to standard knee surgery. Send her your well-wishes won't you? (email her here). With crutches, wheel chair and canes in tow I plan to zip her around the antique malls, restaurants and coffee shops to get her mind off things. I got a chance to see her little house for the first time and it is just as wonderful as all her pictures in all the magazine show. Her husband Randy made us a classic steak dinner from a wonderful Julia Child's recipe. Yum-my.

This week I have been shooting and shooting, doing pictures of new items for the website (take a look) and then on Thursday I headed to Bottoms Up to shoot random pics of dealers booths for their Facebook page. I was back on Friday to actually shop and as usual, found some great goodies there and at other First Fridays venues in the Bottoms.

I have two decent looking trees at home but I could not get myself to decorate either of them although the vintage ornaments (all gold & silver of course!) kept piling up in large bowls around then house. Then I walk into Liberty Belle and they had a rare white half tree that I could not stop thinking about. So took it home and by midnight it was adorned and displayed and I was thrilled! Since being in retail for the last 12 years I cannot think if when I last put a tree up in my home. I glued the trunk into the base, rewired the white lights already included and straightened and trimmed every branch. Then I carefully added over 50 ornaments of all shapes and sizes, silver ball garland and tinsel. It's about 4' high and how perfect that is hugs right up against the wall for easy display. 

I also ran across this old photo of the tree many of you have seen in this season's Matthew Mead's Holiday issue. Left, the original tree. All black, heavy wire with paper wrapped. I kept as-is and decorated it for Better Homes & Garden's Christmas Ideas issue in 2009 (I think). Then i did the yarn wrap for myself.

I also did some projects for the Kansas City Star and they appeared in the paper December 2. They asked me to come up with some ideas on how to decorate with old Christmas Cards. One is a wreath I created with a large snowflake paper punch. Of course I would do this for myself with all white textured paper but it would not reproduce for the paper very well.

A found these images on Pinterest last week and love them both, especially the fire pit. Who would have thought?!

Check out all the items just in at curioussofa.com. Unique gifts and 75% antique, one of a kind!



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