Friday, February 15, 2013

February 16, 2013

I love this decayed decor but some on Facebook said they would paint it! Sacrilegious!

 Hello all. As expected, my blogging is falling by the wayside. I left you with a New Year's message and here it is February 15. I started January by attending the Atlanta Gift Show which was so inspiring and much needed for my well being. I found many new items to sell online while focusing on finding vintage re-designs. Who doesn't love an antique original but now manufacturers are making such good, affordable reproductions its hard to tell new from old. As long as you have a mix, who cares? Many of the those items are starting to arrive online but many are yet to come. Be sure and check the website to see what's new or sign our EMAIL LIST to be the first to know. Below, just a few of the items that have inspired me lately.

Some Spring inspiration for those snowbound on the east coast.
Found this image above on Pinterest and had to do my own version with Pearl.
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Above one of the many rooms in Bronson Pinchot's homes. Sigh... his new season started a month ago and every episode is full of fabulous ideas!

Did you know style icon Diane Keaton was doing a line of home goods offered at Bed, Bath and Beyond?!!
Some favorite vintage photos found this month.
I love finding old images of women photographers.
Now this is a swimsuit!
Bohemian gal.
A night on the town.
Posted for Valentine's Day.
Some great ideas this month: Salvaged doors drilled with holes to hang electric sconces.
Bandanas framed as art.
Love this spray painted chair technique.
Doilies sewn together as one long runner.
A tribute to contact paper, one of my favorite things!
A great idea with old watches.
Lovely mason jars painted for flower vases.
A perfect centerpiece for the artist.
New items added this week online. BUY HERE
New items added this week online. BUY HERE
New items added this week online. BUY HERE
New items added this week online. BUY HERE
New items added this week online. BUY HERE
New items added this week online. BUY HERE

And a few Sunday messages.



  1. Love all of the things you shared in this many good ideas.

    I have never heard of Farm Kings, I will check it out..Thanks!

    Have a lovely weekend. xo

  2. Thanks for sharing the things that inspire you, so many compatibilities to my taste also. I haven't seen the Farms Kings either, but will check it out. Love your Sunday things so much. Blessings Debbie, Linda

  3. I would never paint those walls! I love 'scritched' walls as I cll them. Love the Bronson Pinchot show too. I want an Elf House! I'll have to see if we get Farm Kings.

  4. I'm loading my water gun (with ice-cold water) and aiming it at the person who would DARE paint that is perfect! And I have perfect aim.....

    Thanks for sharing - love all the goods too !

    Big hugs

  5. Great eclectic collection. It must have been hard to close your shop. Selling online is fun too though. The No 7 clothing bust is awesome. Good luck with your online business!-Rob


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