Monday, April 29, 2013

My latest Pins on Pinterest

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Can you imagine?? This is certainly a long weekend project.
For one of my boards titled HOW TO DO FLOWERS.
I love most graphics especially when it seems easy enough for me to do. Find a colorful floral and print over any black and white newsprint, music sheet or advertisement.
A collection of graphics from the back of old playing cards. Wouldn't this make great fabric or wallpaper??!!
I had a few dozen watch faces for sale on the website which would have made this amazing necklace.
Greek style using neutrals.
Another wonderful way to display Old Glory. Use a thin, vintage flag as curtain.
Haven't we all wanted an outdoor shower? Imagine one surrounded by plants and flowers.
Naturally only in Europe: a tiny food cart. Wouldn't it be great to have dozens of artists fill these with crafts for an outdoor sale??!
My size of ice cream. If only it were chocolate!
Fill a printer's drawer with all your scraps and trims. The more the better.