Sunday, September 13, 2009

Halloween 2009

Our Fall Open House was a huge success with many happy customers. Here you will see what we have been up to this past week. Special thanks to my rockin' staff for their help and the artists who contributed to our success.

Above, the new awning I made for the opening. Black and tan striped fabric with fringe was gathered over a scrap wood base. Misc. clocks on the wall that we sell and old sign letters I have been collecting all year. The large crystal lamps were a last minute find with new shades.

The fire marshall was not too happy about the hay bales and cornstalks we used last year, so we kept the outside simple.

The beauty of Fall and Winter is the ability to decorate in many different themes for the season and my store is big enough to do just that. To the left of our entrance, Dana worked on this area I called the Harvest Room. Note the new grain sack chair and ottoman just in.

I love all the paper mache creations I discovered this year reminiscent of the antique originals.

And now the FREAK SHOW:
I've been gathering these crazy old dolls all summer specifically for this little presentation.

The canvas tent was also made to house all the unusual.

I added Fun House mirror film to a collection of gold frames.

I found great masks this year that we used all over the store. Here I tied them around glass shades on this chandelier.

Black glitter branches surrounded the interior of the tent; wax lips, gummy teeth and fangs in the rubber tire pots.

One of my favorite finds, this old hat with skull and crossbones. A fuzzy black rat sits on top.

This year I added a touch of Mardi Gras.

An old leprechaun pipe is full of mints in metal coffins.

A decrypted baby carriage full of skull votives.

Handmade objects from Wendy Addison.

Heather's twisted display in the boudoir area.

Tiny skull soaps.

Ugly Voo-Doo dolls.

It's always a wonderful thing when something you pictured in your head (for years now) finally comes to life. Jess worked on this below, one of my favorites.
It looks almost too good as customers do not realize it is all for sale.

Donnie helped us out again and I left this witch idea up to him.

My new favorite display piece is this rough hewn staircase. Perfect for our tarnished silver, Freak Show portraits and tiny tombstones.

Our Mexican Pumpkin candle was the best seller of the weekend (and Black Pepper and Honey Tobacco...) Some other odds and ends below.

BELOW THE ARTISTS who added so much to the event:
Dianne Ripper, vintage jewelry.

Greg Johnson, paper ephemera theatre boxes and other curious goods.

(Mother) Diane and (daughter) Madeline Tompkins
Original handcut silhouettes and caligraphy; letterpress prints.

Nicole Cawlfield, original photograph printed on antique tins; painted canvases.

Lesa Dailey, paper scrap figures.
Jess wrapped these for hours, another favorite: cheesecloth wrapped chandeliers look like ghosts blowing over the white bed. Giant spiders crawl up the back wall.
Another favorite find: skull and crossbone paper umbrellas hovering over the counter.

My right and left hand above, Heather, Dana and Abby. Where was Jessie?

And me, trying to blend in.