Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Do you hear the cries coming from the delivery room? No, not from the baby- from the mother! That is me whaling down the hall because I am announcing the birth of Curious Sofa's ONLINE STORE... FINALLY!

To celebrate our TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY in business (September 16th, thankyouverymuch) this shopkeeper finally bit the bullet and launched an online store. I heard your cries from Australia to Canada to California so I gave in to offering items for all of you who cannot get to Kansas City.

What a labor of love it has been. Since early May I have researched sites, consulted with tech experts, designed every page (not only the cart but an entire new website!), scanned press pages, bought product, photographed and retouched every item, written descriptions, proofread, loaded and loaded and loaded images until I have been morphed into this machine. But it took a small village to get it done too. Thanks to my tech Pat Tomek, my staff for measuring and organizing each and every item, and Sara our 1-800 gal for organizing the warehouse, taking the orders, helping you purchase and shipping them off safely. I am more than proud of the new aesthetic, easy navigation and content. I hope you like it too.

Now the disclaimer: Not all items you see featured in the store (from our blog pics) will be available online. Is this our goal? Absolutely, but giving birth is one thing, raising the child is another. The good news is there are many items on the site that are not in the store!

Check out six pages of fabulous
One of a kind
And customer favorites from every department:





Also to our local fans: if you see it online, you cannot pick it up in the store (Hint: it's not even here! We have it stored in a warehouse).

PLEASE GO HERE to register so you can know of new items being added or any specials we may run.

Ready? Start shopping! We will replenish as soon as we can when items sell out.