Thursday, December 02, 2010

Great Gift Giving

We're all about texture this season at Curious Sofa. When the snowy whites fill the store I have to focus on bringing in more texture to keep things interesting. The photo above is the perfect example; Plush Polar Bear, Antique Candlewicking Coverlet, Linen Patched Grain Sack and Rippled Felt Pillow. How cool would it be to present all your Christmas gifts with a theme?

Imagine your family or friends surrounding the tree and all the presents you give are tied together somehow, like the image above. Maybe everything is red, or everything is glitter or all of your gifts are silver; you get the idea. Suddenly everyone realizes they are receiving a little bit of YOU.

Maybe everyone receives something about angels from you...
Giant wooden angel wings are hung behind our counter.

Or something about lighting...
This amazing antique lamp has finally returned from rewiring. Stunning!

Our lighted branches are nearly sold out too. (White also available.)

Or crowns for all the queens in your life.
Small and large glitter Crown Wands.
A customer is lining their walkway with them!

All of these just added online!

Anything religious is always popular for church goers or collectors.
The above from our assortment of vintage prints.

No one will have to guess what you believe with this necklace!

We're all loving these glitter stars to sprinkle through
centerpieces or adorn packages.
Available in blue, green, pink or silver.

If glitter is not your thing, try these manuscript flowers.

And the bling just keeps on coming:
From unique artisan styles (above) to inexpensive costume jewelry below:

After Thanksgiving we added our Christmas kitch:
Plastic Santas, giant felt poinsettias and vintage choir candles.

And hats and scarves for nearly every single family member.

More to ideas to come next week!