Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ready, Set, Go!

Tomorrow is my first show since closing the store so I blew the dust off the tag gun, loaded 22 plastic tubs, piled a 14' box truck full of furniture and away I went to Westport. This week, three other dealers and myself schlepped and arranged and hammered and priced ourselves into a stupor. Be warned, this is a gonna be a good one if I do say so myself! We have it all: mid-century, romantic, rustic, country, vintage, old world, industrial, outdoor and indoor.... and well, what else is there?!!

Schlepp Sisters Antique Show
Thursday, Friday 11-7 & (and Saturday with discounts! 10-6)
1004 Westport Road
in the Olde Westport Shopping Center, (next to Half-Price Books.)
Don't miss it. GOODIES GALORE!

Here are a few exhausted pics at the eleventh hour (and there is still so much to show and it's still not all out!!!)

Can you stand it?!!! I've had this pair of scruffy vintage chairs and finally made them into something fabulous for this show.

Look for our signs all over Westport!


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  1. Good luck on the sale..everything looks marvelous! Have fun!

  2. Everything looks wished I lived closer. Oh...I also love what you did with the chair...covering it with lace and doilies and pretty.

  3. I am so inspired by this. I have 2 shows coming up and I am always looking for creative ways to display jewelry. I want to walk through your booth from here! It looks great.

  4. Oooohhh...looks fabulous! I wish I could be there!!

  5. I'm sure you sold everything already!! the chair is amazing!!

  6. Fabulous pieces, looking back at older postings I love the altered art on your pieces (Fabric) love the bandaid on the iron stone...I have a vintage tray that someone did this very thing to on a corner where it split...I striped the paint off and exposed it patched up spot loving it even more!

    I love all that you inspire and I so remember your home featured in R/Homes magazine loving every tattered recycled bit of it, that tiny kitchen with the galvanized, and the small frig charmed every inch of your home.

    Oh the table that you had round planked style raw wood with a hint of driftwwod tone to it is what inspired my look in the french pieces I stripped down years ago, leaving them natural to take on there own beauty!

    Thank you for sharing your journey!

  7. Deb,

    I hope you have a blow out of a show! Know you will. Looking great! Sorry I can't make it but please, please keep sending invites.

  8. Oh boy did we ever!!! Hundreds of people came through, 50% we did not know and I cleaned out my stash and now ready I am ready to find more!

    Every dealer sold much more than we expected considering this was our first time getting together and doing this.

    Thanks to all who weathered the weather! 100 degrees and climbing.

    Maybe we'll do it again for Christmas, who knows.


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