Sunday, July 31, 2011

Road to Morocco

Oh my- If I knew I could rent this Moroccan style tent, a Curious Sofa
Christmas Show
would be in the works. IMAGINE!!

I'm in the mood to redo my home and all things Moroccan have been consuming my online search for ideas. Every time I scroll through interior images, my heart skips a beat when I see the patterns and textures of this North African country. What I love is their use of pattern of course; not quite Spanish and not really African but somehow a softer version that becomes a soothing melting pot of ethnic style.

Moroccan tile, left and right and Kathryn Ireland fabric center.

I am not ready to repaint my walls because I still love my greys, whites and neutrals but adding mosaic tiles and intricate printed fabrics is easy enough to do.

I'll be keeping my eyes open at flea markets and antique shows for any object
with this
Mediterranean feel. Giant clay pots and textured pillows.

And maybe it is time to collect various tiles to add to my fireplace. Some
great ones can be found on eBay. I love how it is not applied perfectly.

Moroccan style does not have to be in reds and oranges.
This soothing palette is right up my alley!

Moroccan tile, left; vintage rug center; Kathryn Ireland fabric right.

Lovely gold trimmed tea glasses are also perfect for a votive or two.
I WANT!! this $998 table from Anthropologie. Yikes.

Imagine how garish all this would be if more colorful.
Notice how the pillows are stacked for the sofa arms.

So simple, but the ethnic feel is still there and the dark wood
ceiling gives the perfect contrast.

A great idea using different tiles up the stairs (especially if you can't decide!)
Adding a mismatched grouping behind your sinks or tabletop would work too.

All the detail in this little octagon table is somewhat romantic.
Large sections of different floor tile can be used at an entry.

The printed curtains are all you need here for a touch of Morocco. Kathryn Ireland
has fabric named Mexico meets Morocco which blends the two styles together.

A lovely, lived-in but decorated room by Kathryn Ireland.
Textiles, iron, pattern and prints all with a crisp white background.
Not too feminine, not too masculine- just right.


  1. Beautiful, serene, cooling, comforting, elegant, and exotic--all at the same time.

  2. you've just given me some great ideas - oh my word that tent is SO Curious Sofa!!!!!
    especially intriguing are the textured pillows -

  3. i love this post and i am so happy to have found your blog... fantastic... pam

  4. Love this post! Kathryn Ireland is one of my new favorite designers (although no one will be able to kick Ralph off the pedestal he is on in my head). Love how you collected the photos that show the look but with the absence of big splashes of tangerine and fuchsia. Just gorgeous Debbie!

  5. thanks fot that amazing trip!!!
    I loved it!!!

    greetings from Spain,

  6. Why do you speak of color as if it offends you to your very core? I understand that you prefer form and texture, however you sound as if you think anyone who decorates or dresses with color is an idiot. I assume you can't bear to look at a sunset - - too garish.

  7. Really??? You're going to compare my opinion on a neutral palette to God's sunset? I have NOTHING against color; I do however have a lot to say when I see it used badly- which is usually the case.

    Next time you are misunderstood, for whatever reason, I hope you think of the stupid comment you made here, anonymously as usual.

  8. Fabulous tent! That too is my look, love it, love the Spanish influence! We too have a couple of tents hear at the farm, a little more Rustic, but it's great to entertain in a tent! Be Inspired! Great fun posts and sharing that you do! Keep up the great work!


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