Thursday, February 17, 2011


I heard it was coming and now it has been confirmed: Anthropologie has stepped up once again and launched a new business sure to send the retail world into a spin. Announcing BHLDN.

While our economic world is still learning how to survive, Anthropologie noticed where people were spending their money: on weddings. That's right, Anthropologie is now in the wedding business.

Last year I heard through the industry grapevine they were opening new wedding stores. Immediately my imagination went wild. I imagined the dresses of course; brides and bridesmaids, maybe even groom attire; then I went on to veils, jewelry, shoes but of course I could not stop thinking about the centerpieces! The props! The candle holders! What on earth would they do???

Last month I asked my friend and former manager of our local Anthro to give me the scoop. All she knew was there were no stores happening just yet, but she heard a little something was on the back burner. Then yesterday Elizabeth sent me the new link. Silly me not to realize they would start first where women are also spending.... online!

To be honest, last week I was giving some thought to a wedding category on the Curious Sofa website. I love the funky (inexpensive) jewelry I find as well as votives and possible antique centerpieces; all perfect for the informal wedding.

Necklace 27.50, Crochet Scarf 26.95, Lace Rose 17.95

The BHLDN (Beholden) website is currently simple and pretty, a little less funky than I expected from this retail icon but I am giving them the benefit of the doubt. It is still new and in the beginning stages so I can only suspect they are testing the water to see what the reaction will be. But if I know Anthropologie like I think we all do, get ready. This may explode into a fresh and new direction for Holy Matrimony. Enjoy looking for now.


  1. I am in love already with the new store! Fantastic items!

  2. Holly cowm nice underware. How are you doing! Hope all is well. HUGS MARY

  3. Mary I am doing great and think I have finally settled into my home office. (Unpacking forever!) I am slowly adding more products online as well as preparing a Halloween shoot for Better Homes & Gardens next month, shopping at Round Top April 1 and teaching a craft class with Karla Nathan May 1. I'll fill everyone in as details arise. Thanks for asking!

  4. Just love everything they do...their clothes are so romantic. Doing weddings makes so much sense.
    Thanks for sharing the great photos.

  5. About time someone got us back to feminitity...bravo!!!

  6. FABULOUS!!!My sister in law has a summer wedding approaching..thanks for the info~Hope you are loving your new adventures!! hugs, Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  7. Very beautiful things. I'm always interested to see what designers can do with fabric. The fully pleated gown is stunning because I can imagine all the work involved.

    How all is going well. Have you found a trailer yet?

  8. Thank you for posting about BHLDN on Curious Sofa! I'm a K.C. native and actually work for BHLDN in Philly. My mother took me to the CS shop about 6 years ago and I still wear the amazing necklace I bought from you...Hope to see you the next time I'm in KC!

  9. No camper yet, but the ads are growing now that the weather is better. I'm itchin' to have one before I head to Round Top!

  10. doesn't need a wedding to wear these! Gawh!!!!

  11. My daughter just got married in November...everything came from J Crew! Weddings are big business and with this economy they are smart to add this new dept. They will have to be really outstanding to "out do" J Crew. We were treated like royalty and loved everything that was purchased. :)

  12. All so pretty! I had heard about this and it's nice to see a glimpse of what's to come. You sound busier than ever but I'm sure you are much happier. :) I have a shop..I know how stressful life and be! Enjoy your road trips..I'm jealous!


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