Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bird Song

The shades I designed for Bird Song.

So what have I been up to lately? Well for one, my crafty friend and fellow blogger Karla Nathan is planning a creative weekend at her lovely farmhouse retreat in nearby Lawrence, Kansas so she asked me to join the group of crafty chicks to lead a Spring themed class called Bird Song.

No two will be alike; the stash of antique laces and trims for the class to use.

Karla works well in advance. All of us that have teamed with her during Miss Frenchie's or Silver Bella marvel at her tenacity to get 'er done. Weeks ahead of schedule, Karla has her items made, tagged, packed up and advertised- while the rest of us are up and down the isles at Hobby Lobby still searching for the right thing to start our projects. As the poster girl for procrastination, this baffles me! So true to form, Karla advertised her event weeks ago (or maybe months?!) and I was the last poor soul to finish my project and send her the images to post on the Bird Song site.

Lyrics from a Spring song, old millinery flowers and vintage pearls are glued about.

Today I finally added the last drop of glue to a pair of sconce shades that I will lead the class of 20 to make. I began with images from a stash of vintage photos I have. Then I layered an illustrated flower, colored the buds, and added lyrics from the song sheet Karla got her inspiration from for this event. After printing the girls on a wonderful linen paper I embellished the shade with bits of antique lace, millinery flowers and pearls. With the extra two inches of lace at the bottom, these could easily be used on small boudoir lamps but I have also shown them as sconce shades in my own bathroom.

Shown in my bathroom.

Maybe this will inspire you to start cutting and pasting something!


  1. Wow these are beautiful :) OK...I love in CA so I can not attend this crafty girl party :( so where do I get the 1/2 sconce shade to due up to accompany my vintage milk glass wall sconce???HELP!! have a lovely weekend.

    blessings and smiles,

  2. Debbie, these are super gorgeous! Only wish I could be there at Bird Song with you all because clearly this is going to be one fabulous event.

  3. Wow, those shades are knock out gorgeous!! Sounds like a fun, creative party to me!!
    Carol in GA

  4. They are beautiful, Debbie. I just found Karla on her. Wish I was in Kansas! So I could attend Bird Song...sounds like so much fun!

  5. These are beautiful. Are you goingto be sellingthese in your online store?

    Have fun at your retreat.


  6. Another fun party I will miss!! These are wonderful!

  7. These are incredible! Nice work.. They are so romantic.. they look perfect in your bathroom!

  8. Dead lines are the only reason some of us actually get things done! You are in good company there. The classes look to be fun and I'm sure filled soon.

    Oh, and I love the bobble like lace in the stash of pretties....

  9. Beautiful shades!!!! What else are you creating for Bird Song?

  10. That's it. One instructor and one item per class, that's how it always goes.

    If supplies are available I may offer kits for the lampshades on my website later in May.

  11. Last maybe...but what a way to make an entrance!

  12. Only wish I could be a little bird and be there too! Love the soft romantic look.
    Blessings, Becky R

  13. Completely and utterly awesome! Tips to printing on anything other than regular paper? I would love to do something like that for my living room!

  14. Go to and see the page of fabric you can run through your printer...the possibilities of what to make with it are endless!

  15. Love these! Really caught my did I know instinctively that you designed these??? hmmmm

  16. Oh I so love this colour palette....I am always just completely taken in by whites and tans! and the occasional dose of pink works for me too!

    your blog is so refreshing! I'm now following you..and if you'd like to come by and visit with me, you are most certainly welcome to do so!

    ciao bella!!

    creative carmelina

  17. Debbie, your lampshades are so lovely! I've never seen such a thing. What fun that class would be!!!

  18. Debbie those are lovely! Your collection of trims is beautiful too, all by itself.

  19. Your lampshades are so wonderful, gorgeous!! Now I wish I lived in Kansas/Therese

  20. Those shades are so unique and clever! I would love to make a couple myself. Wish I could attend Karla's least I'm able to contribute a little (I am supplying a surprise in the goody bags). It sould be a fantastic weekend!

  21. Bird Song sounds like such fun! Deb, your shades are amazing, I'm still drooling over them here!
    Have a wonderful time at the event! Love your blog!

  22. Hey Deb
    How are you? Good to hear from you! I hope your life is good and you are in a good place. I am sure the Lord is blessing your new endeavors.
    You are such a talent and your pictures here prove my point, love the lamp shades!
    Blessings my friend


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