Saturday, February 05, 2011

Snow Bunnies

From Texas to Connecticut many of us have been hit with an over abundance of a winter snow. I may be the only person that has appreciated the timing of these blizzards. Since closing the store I have enjoyed staying home, hibernating and resting while the city has been immobile. Although I will admit 48 hours into it I became a little antsy. I concluded home is a great place to be when you can GO to it, not when you have to STAY there!

My little Pearl is a bit confused by our new schedule. She is not much of a homebody and always looked forward to leaving the house everyday to go to the store. Having 12" of snow outside doesn't help either. Not only does she get lost in it, she can't figure out where to do her business! It's only during these snow days do I admire the bigger dogs who love it. This lead me to finding some great images of dogs in winter. Enjoy.

The image above is the best I can get from Pearl in the snow!