Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Dishing it Out

A large graphic painting might be what you would expect to see hung on a black wall above this modern leather sofa but this melange of portrait plates is much more surprising.

I've been on a roll lately, hunting down and stockpiling great dishes and platters to sell online. Sometimes I stop in mid-purchase and think, "Does anyone really love these as much as I do?"- I sure hope so. When it comes to decorating my walls, be it living room, kitchen, bath or bedroom, I always run to my stash of wonderful old china plates to use with (or instead of) my framed prints. The English have been doing this for centuries of course by clustering shades of ironstone platters to the delicate illustrations (and colors!) of transferware to layers of tea stained dishes with flowers. They saw these pieces as art and hung them eye level to savor every day of the year. Below are some modern versions of dish display to borrow.

A GREAT IDEA: hand paint the branches and use old plates as flowers.

Above, a perfect example of how to hang a large grouping;
keep the space between all dishes the same. The rectangular platter used dead center keeps the display more interesting rather than all platters being round.

Above, available at curioussofa.com
Rare Rectangular Platter
Milk Glass Hands (hang them too!)
Large Ironstone Platter

Although these are John Derian glass decoupage plates, the idea is still there to hang 'em high up a narrow wall. I especially love using plates as art in the bathroom because anything water resistant is a good thing.

The delicate eyelet edges make this a romantic display and I love the mix of sizes here. Also hung perfectly with the exact space between each one, no matter the size.

Black transferware comes out of Grandma's cupboard and adorns this modern bedroom. Also note how they took the color of the wood dresser and matched it to the fabric on the headboard and bed skirt.

A low headboard gets some well needed drama above.

Another good example of random placement done right.

A great mix of any 'ol hodgepodge assortment hung in a deliberate haphazard array although each plate looks perfectly chosen for its color and shape (and the big lamp helps balance the off-center placement.)

Of course using plates in the kitchen makes perfect sense. Romantic floral dishes seem just right with this vintage stove.

Available at curioussofa.com
Rare portrait plate of 1920's actress Beverly Bain
Set of Three, Floral Bone Dishes
Floral Salad Plate
Chronin Brand China Plate