Saturday, November 19, 2011

Going Bold with Gold

The black lamps above help keep the use of gold in
this room fresh and modern.

I've always been a silver girl myself, but lately I cannot help but be attracted to the glitz of gold. Maybe it is because of this time of year when leaves are falling and autumn colors are abundant. From your favorite jacket to setting your holiday table, try some gold to mix with your favorite items this month.

This week I have added 41 new products to the website and page one is full of ethnic brass trays, gold jewelry and cotton scarves from India. I'm inspired to add all of them to my neutral home and wardrobe, which would fit in just fine.

Looking stylish and cool; blonde hair, camel colored sweater
and layers of gold bangles.

These Asian gold panels work well with a touch of pink.

One of five patterns available: Cotton Scarf, $24.95

How groovy is this? Paint a gold stripe on an old modern chair.

And from the Curious Sofa archives, this picture of my living room from Christmas 2009 (as seen in Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Ideas)


  1. I love your living room from a few Christmas' ago!

  2. I went to your shop looking for the tinsel garland but could not find it. Does it have wire in it?

  3. You kind find the tinsel by clicking on the picture or clicking on the title or on the Just In pages. I included all the links with the post. (No wire in it)


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