Saturday, January 23, 2010

What's Inside

Gotta have one: Faux Bois Welcome Mat

Greetings everyone!
Earlier this month I left the store for 10 days to shop the Atlanta Gift Show. I decided to drive the van so I could bring back some well-needed antiques for all of you. When I returned it was obvious the store was going through a fun transition from Winter to Spring- with a major stop on Valentines Day. We had many large items leave during our Makeover Sale and while we are waiting on a truck of new slipcovered furniture, newer gifts and decor are in their place. It may still be 30 degrees outside but we are not waiting on Mother Nature to lift our spirits with a touch of green, birds or flowers- we are doing the work for her right now!

Take a look at some of the items just in:

I brought back 18 Antique Millinery Flowers which are perfect for softening any vignette in your home (or to wear!) Also shown, Initial 'B' Embroidered Pillowcases and our best selling Fresh Linen Sachets.

Lovely McCoy Pots and other matte finish vessels to add to your collection.

Piles of linens and lace: Tablecloths, Runners, Mantle Scarves and Huck Towels.

Wooden eggs with bird prints. Perfect for the lonely egg cup.

Rustic Painted Work Table

My new favorite technique: Graphic prints transferred onto burlap frames.

It took me forever to get these made, now a Curious Sofa exclusive: Heavy Dripping Candles only in white.

Chandelier Umbrella

Soldered Crystal Cross Necklace on ruffled elastic ribbon.

China Aphrodisiac Plate and Love Potion Vase shown with Antique Sheet Music.

Large Antique Sterling Silver Locket

Humorous Vintage-style Valentine Cards.

My personal favorite: Heart Shaped Hot Water Bottle. (Great for Grandma!)

6" Chalkboard Heart

Just in, a pair of amazing velvet chairs.

Love is a gamble! Valentine Bingo Cards.

Chunky Red Heart Necklace shown on Antique Wolf Co. Child Mannequin, Vintage Crochet Apron.

Bohemian Valentine Cards

We currently have an assortment of sweet floral china like this Pink Floral Serving Dish (great for hiding your jewelry stash). Butterfly Paperweight.

Lavender & Gold Moroccan Wine Glass, Ironstone Platter with Violet Flowers, Velvet Pansies with Burlap Wrap.

Recycled Sofa Table made from salvaged wainscot bead board.

Amelie Blue Drinking Glasses.

Just in: Crochet Towels (also in cream), Tiny Botanical Herbs, Butterfly Mug.

WOW- Laugh-In had nothing on us! Enamel Vintage Pins- for your hat, purse or jacket.

Shades of Blue Measuring Cups sitting atop Bird Blocks; underneath our newest Grain Sack Style Runner.

Finishing up with our best new item at top: Wooden Peacock Tray.

Check in with us again for more Spring merchandise, new antiques and updated news on our Valentine Art Show.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lovey Dovey

Just in are the beginnings of our simple and easy Valentine gifts.

-and more to come as I head back from market.

Also SAVE THE DATE: February 5, 6 & 7 for our annual Valentine Art Show. Don't miss it for the one of a kind items you love from new and local artists. Stay tuned.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

A Curious New Year


2010 Greetings everyone. Curious Sofa has survived 2009 as did all of you I hope!. The last two weeks have been particularly strange as Kansas City has been hit by a lot of snow and freezing temperatures and it makes everyone reevaluate what is important: "Should I go shopping or should I stay home?" Fortunately for Curious Sofa, we are in a perfectly located shopping center next to a drug store, hardware store and grocery store so if you need to shop for the basics- we're right next door.

The After Christmas Sale continues with what I think are some great bargains. We have condensed it down to the middle of the store on five large tables and many other larger pieces of furniture are marked down throughout the shop as well. Wreaths and garlands, some smaller trees, a few ornaments and lots of books, kitchen items, soaps and jewelry.

We have been getting a lot of questions and anticipation over our Store Makeover. Some customers are nervous we are changing everything and others may want us to change everything!- but we are not- why change a good thing?. What we are doing is giving the store a cosmetic face lift.

I get bored easily and want to change things often. I was the kid who wanted to repaint, rearrange and wallpaper her bedroom every year. My poor mother. No one ever knew what concoction I had up my sleeve back then. Old habits die hard as now my staff never knows either.

Coming off of such a depressing and uncertain year, I feel it is time to make things pretty and light and fortunately for us, Spring is around the corner I promise!, so it is a perfect time to put this look to the test. This is the year to be more certain of our style, kick things up a notch according to the times, add a touch of modern for the new customer and current design trends but still stay inspirational and always, always adding the Curious Sofa twist on all we do. I know you are going to love the transitions we show you over the entire year because it will take awhile.

The pictures added to this post are the colors and textures that are inspiring me on the direction of the makeover. I am also off to market this month to discover wonderful items to bring you this year.

Thank you to all of you for your continued support. Happy, Happy New Year!