Saturday, August 15, 2020


Do people read blogs anymore? I know I don't but then I never did. It is not because I need instant gratification it is more about not really liking to read- which is really odd because I do like to write. I think I am pretty good at it actually- for an amateur. Certain friends of mine know not to send me articles, recommended books or even long emails because I won't read them! I blame it on being so visually driven that nothing holds my attention unless a picture is attached. 

Well here we are, Covid life and all and I am not liking it one bit. Who is? The first three weeks, like most of us, I stayed home and went out just for essential errands every other day or two. Then the antique mall opened and with it I rented a storage/work room space in the back and now I am there almost every day working on something. It had initially be intended for half work room and half online shooting and packing- but I am not quite there yet. When things sell well at the mall then I am constantly shopping, fixing, painting and repairing items to replace what has sold which leaves me no time to focus on the website. It's been a blessing really as it has given me a routine while most things were shut down.

My freelance worked stopped cold which I certainly relied on for some income but now I must depend on the items I sell so it has pushed me into a full-on resurrection mode for Curious Sofa. My loyal customers from the Prairie Village store are rediscovering me which I was banking on. And although the mall has had a challenging grand opening year, I know the city is still learning about us so I am rolling with the traffic flow. My sister noted she missed all the candles and bath products I used to carry but I told her we simply don't have the traffic for that kind of stuff yet. Not only are those items a hefty investment, my fear is that it would sit on a shelf for 12 months before it sold out. 

I am focusing most of my Curious Sofa advertising (social networking) on Instagram although most followers are on Facebook. Instagram is quicker, easier and more viewer friendly. I have miles to go to build an audience there but I am not in any hurry.

The past week I have been changing things up for fall. Everything in my space was bright white and I did not want to take that into September so I slowly started to hunt for a darker palette of items in tan, beige, gold, and brown. The wing chairs below started to set the tone. The table was a project piece that I sanded to raw and painted the legs. Then the sofa was found and believe it or not, I gathered every one of the paintings in one day- that was a huge blessing and really set a warm tone I was hoping for.

Take a look around:

Thursday, April 30, 2020


WOW, wow, wow. Thanks to all my amazing market vendors who are allowing small retailers to offer many goods that will be direct shipped to you!! They know that this quarantine is not good for anyone in small business but this will be a huge help to keep us afloat.

I have loved adding all these new items to the website. I have divided into 4 categories making it easy for you to shop: Downtown, (a bit of modern, all black and white)  Bohemian, (for the casual, informal decorator) Coastal (whether you have a beach or lake house or just wish you did!) and Farmhouse (of course, a Curious Sofa favorite. Relaxed, easy Modern Country style).  Take a look around (oh, and Vintage of course!!).

Tuesday, March 03, 2020


My latest project:

I do like shopping for ‘vintage’ clothes that are still useful and classic. I’ve sold the boho thing, the western thing, the Hawaiian shirt thing and I still love them all but as we head into Spring I wanted to change it up. Finding all linen clothing to resell for Summer is a challenge so this season I have opted for the Classic White Shirt. Every time I see a man or woman in one (with jeans, no tie, no starch) I think you can’t get any better than that for timeless, inexpensive style. Naturally I didn’t stop there; I had to design a specific tag, hanger label and sign to announce their arrival! Some linen, some cotton, mostly mens for women to wear. All under $18. Available at weekend @glenwoodantiquemall .

Saturday, February 15, 2020


So I find myself suddenly enamored with funky pottery which is hard to acquire. Of course I want ancient, rare, can’t afford pieces. I was flipping through images and saw this and then I went down the crafting rabbit hole! This is what a single girl does on Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 08, 2020


The new Glenwood Antique Mall is changing daily. New dealers, new/old items and continued construction which makes me very happy. It's always a risk moving into a new venue but I can see the shop getting the much needed layers of items and interest that we all love.

This week I added a white wicker bookcase, painted dining table, a lovely chippy vanilla painted Eastlake table and an all white old library table from the 1940's as well as many smaller items. Hope to see you!!

A lovely Victorian shaving mirror; wood with gold trim and hand mirror.
Painted gourds (as found) inside a paper pulp bowl.
A print of a handprinted photo and antique frame.
more boho accessories; beaded collar necklace and faux fur vest. 
Crochet and wicker wrapped bottles.
A native indoor/outdoor 5' x 7' rug.

Thursday, January 30, 2020


My latest project for sale are these new/old photographs all framed in white.

All is good @glenwoodantiquemall. One month has passed since our Grand Opening and I am pleased so far with the move. There are always a few hiccups and issues when you are doing business in a new place but most of that was to be expected. Despite the icky weather Kansas City has been having we have continued to have great crowds who are discovering us for the first time. Each weekend I seem to scramble for replacement items (which is a great thing!) and during the week I fine tune all the new inventory. Our lighting is still being installed and once that is in I feel my space will have the drama and accent it really needs. Take a look at some of the items coming through my space. How to see you! 

This amazing farm table didn't last long. Gone in 4 hours...(headed to Round Top, Texas is the rumor!).

After a shelving unit sold on opening day, I found myself at Ikea buying this metal and glass unit for a replacement, which I LOVE. It added just the right amount of modern to my booth and is a great display piece.

A look at an average day of junkin' for some accessories sell.
Curious Sofa at Glenwood Antique Mall
9030 Metcalf Ave. 
Overland Park, KS (Kansas City)
Open Monday - Saturday 9-7, Sunday 9-5

Wednesday, January 08, 2020


Nothing better than having to replenish your space after a successful Grand Opening! Thanks to all who came out to shop Curious Sofa at the Glenwood Antique Mall. New stuff weekly.


A New Year, a new location!

Now you can visit Curious Sofa every day at the new Glenwood Antique Mall. Grand Opening, January 1. 
Open Monday - Saturday 9-7, Sunday 9-5
9030 Metcalf Ave, Overland Park, KS


Glenwood Antique Mall’s grand opening is New Year’s Day at 9 a.m. and Curious Sofa (along with over 100 other dealers) will be ready for you. Despite the continued construction, our booths still do not have power outlets yet, so no lamps or chandeliers are lit- making me shy away from shooting a wide shot of my space because lighting is everything!! Until then, enjoy some details. Hope you can make it! 


I’ve spent the last two weeks getting my space ready at the new Glenwood Antique Mall (opening January 1). Naturally I can’t leave well enough alone; I had to wallpaper my entire booth, route all my electrical from the ceiling, hang all my signs along with trying to find a handful of new merchandise to change it up a bit. These pics are my inspiration for the direction I am going. Still using white and neutral colors with lots of wood, wicker, textures and patterns. No doubt I am bit different than the other dealers there, but I just can’t hang it up and walk out- it’s got to inspire ME! Hope you can make it. Pics to come..


It is with many mixed emotions I announce Curious Sofa will no longer be selling inside Urban Mining Vintage Market after this First Friday December weekend. 

For 2 1/2 years, Urban Mining has graciously been the brick and mortar home of Curious Sofa. I have learned so much from this original First Friday shop, made good friends and met some great customers but I feel the time is right to change things up.

A new antique mall is opening at 91st & Metcalf and I feel it is a chance to move closer to my Prairie Village and South Kansas City customers. Glenwood Antique Mall is located in the former TJ Maxx location (next to Lily's Estate Sales). I am excited to be one of over 100 dealers ready to sell here in the new year.

Follow them on FB to learn of their grand opening date coming soon. Oh yes, and OPEN EVERY DAY!!