Sunday, May 08, 2011

Ralph Lauren, Spring 2011

What I learned: Throw a giant textile over any coffee table for a new look.
Add giant trees to soften the corners of your room.

I came close to calling this blog post "Ralph Lauren: my personal porn" but then I thought of all the crazy Google searches that might come up. Every season I have to check out the master and see what he has been up to and this Spring, he is true to form. His home decor is open and fresh as well as the fashion and fabrics that make up the Ralph Lauren Spring 2011 collection. I did notice he has returned to his cowboy roots a little more than usual (not that there is anything wrong with that) but more importantly, so many of these styles can be easily attained by us with a little imagination and a lot of savings.

What I learned: Take an old blanket or rug and make your own cross-body
bag using straps from an older purse or thrift store belt. Notice the giant chokers,
almost belt size. Get crafting!

What I learned: Mixing a little Navajo with a little floral gives the perfect
masculine/feminine mix. (But we've always known that!)

"I've always believed one could live many lives through the way we dress and the places we travel to, even it just in our imagination. The world is open to us, and each day is an occasion to reinvent ourselves." - Ralph Lauren
What I learned: Reincarnate the butterfly chair! Making your own cover couldn't be easier.
Leather or not try sturdy denim, canvas or an old quilt with random stitching for interest.

What I learned: An ornate gilded mirror breaks up the casual, natural palette.
And I have always loved pictures hanging on a bookcase.

What I learned: It's all in the accessories!

What I learned: When blues do not match perfectly, it gives a 'collected over time' appearance.

What I learned: Western blanket and lace!
Am I crazy? Should we paint part of an old pair of boots with silver paint?

What I learned: Use a bowl for the bread, not a plate.

What I learned:
Keeping the palette neutral will make haberdashery dressing more feminine.

What I learned: Pinstripes and damask, hounds tooth and crewel!

" I like things that are worn. I don't like newness... I still wear old things. And I wear new things. And the old things that I love are non-fashion. There's a timeless quality and an unfashionable sensibility... they're utility, the things you wear to work in, they're the things that have sort of an honesty." - Ralph Lauren

What I learned: My passion for broken statuary can still be stylish.

What I learned: Add a little crochet lace to a tired old jacket sleeve.

What I learned: Patterns can blend perfectly in the right color combination.

What I learned: Fabulous clothing can be hung as art!

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