Saturday, August 15, 2020


Do people read blogs anymore? I know I don't but then I never did. It is not because I need instant gratification it is more about not really liking to read- which is really odd because I do like to write. I think I am pretty good at it actually- for an amateur. Certain friends of mine know not to send me articles, recommended books or even long emails because I won't read them! I blame it on being so visually driven that nothing holds my attention unless a picture is attached. 

Well here we are, Covid life and all and I am not liking it one bit. Who is? The first three weeks, like most of us, I stayed home and went out just for essential errands every other day or two. Then the antique mall opened and with it I rented a storage/work room space in the back and now I am there almost every day working on something. It had initially be intended for half work room and half online shooting and packing- but I am not quite there yet. When things sell well at the mall then I am constantly shopping, fixing, painting and repairing items to replace what has sold which leaves me no time to focus on the website. It's been a blessing really as it has given me a routine while most things were shut down.

My freelance worked stopped cold which I certainly relied on for some income but now I must depend on the items I sell so it has pushed me into a full-on resurrection mode for Curious Sofa. My loyal customers from the Prairie Village store are rediscovering me which I was banking on. And although the mall has had a challenging grand opening year, I know the city is still learning about us so I am rolling with the traffic flow. My sister noted she missed all the candles and bath products I used to carry but I told her we simply don't have the traffic for that kind of stuff yet. Not only are those items a hefty investment, my fear is that it would sit on a shelf for 12 months before it sold out. 

I am focusing most of my Curious Sofa advertising (social networking) on Instagram although most followers are on Facebook. Instagram is quicker, easier and more viewer friendly. I have miles to go to build an audience there but I am not in any hurry.

The past week I have been changing things up for fall. Everything in my space was bright white and I did not want to take that into September so I slowly started to hunt for a darker palette of items in tan, beige, gold, and brown. The wing chairs below started to set the tone. The table was a project piece that I sanded to raw and painted the legs. Then the sofa was found and believe it or not, I gathered every one of the paintings in one day- that was a huge blessing and really set a warm tone I was hoping for.

Take a look around: