Friday, April 30, 2021

APRIL 30, 2021


Last week I found this old chippy table and had to have it because of the great sea foam color… but it was a mess! 

Sometimes I have to think twice when I find a project piece because half way through I usually end up saying, “Why did I buy this?!!” I try to stay true to my #1 fix it rule: Will this take more than 10 minutes? Well this sure did. After some serious cleaning I sanded the top many times. I also have another rule: My furniture should not hurt anyone! No splinters, no rough edges, no loose pieces- so this needed a lot of care. The holes on top looked as though someone  screwed a vice or sewing machine to it so the average wood fill wasn’t going to work. I went to my new favorite product, Bondo (auto repair material).  Then more sanding. Because of the Bondo I had to touch up the paint a lot so color matching was important. If I could have taken the top off I would have gotten an exact match but I had to wing it with swatches. It came close but not perfect so a touch of dark wax helped to blend it. Then more wax to add some shine to match the old paint texture. Then, miracle of miracle I found an actual drawer at the salvage store that fit!!! Not of the same era but at least it is a drawer. Perfect or not it was better than nailing an old board to the front. Finally, bigger holes were drilled for casters and all to do now is add a price tag