Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Big Purge

The line started outside the store before 9 a.m. and before 10 we opened to reveal what we had been working on for the last three weeks. The work that goes into cleaning out your junk is one thing, but to unload it, organize it and tag it- well it took a small village to prepare this sale, headed by my niece Cindy who worked until midnight most nights. Thanks to all of you!!!

I am one for thinking through these events, preparing for the inevitable situation or question- expecting the worse case scenario so we are prepared... but when you are doing something for the first time, lessons are bound to be learned. There were a few things we could have done differently (had more sold stickers, put certain merchandise in a different spot, had a larger sold area for furniture) but overall I think we checked everyone out as accurately as possible , as fast as possible (which for the first two hours was not fast at all- thank you for waiting) and I hope more than anything, everyone who fought the crowd found some little goodie (or a big one).

Some of the things that have come and gone:


Monday, June 23, 2008


.Look up and look around fellow junkers,
this is something you do not want to miss.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday
June 26, 27 & 28
10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

What does this mean exactly? Well first off, it's summer and we are a little bored so we thought a special event was in order. Second, I am ready to redo my house with new paint, new curtains, new antiques so many of those lovely things you saw in the Country Living article will be in this sale, plus other things from my home you did not see. Also, my niece Cindy (and newest employee) is always ready for a sale. She is also a junker and her house has more of a folky, vintage, mid-century vibe so she is bringing in stuff like that. The staff has also brought in typical garage sale items and if that wasn't enough, we are also selling our overstock, dented and seasonal sale items from the store. So to say there is 'something for everyone' is putting it mildly.

Because Natural Wear next door went out of business last month, their vacancy seemed the perfect location for this sale. Our lovely landlord agreed and we have been unloading and tagging furiously for two weeks. YOU WON'T BELIEVE how much stuff there is. I even had to hire movers to unload my house and four hours later the 2,700 square foot space next door was filled.
(Note: This will be an annual sale so we will have to change locations every year- all the more reason you need to be on our mailing list. Which by the way, the postcard company messed up royally, so expect this announcement at the last minute).

Just so you know, 75% of the items are old (and older). Then to keep the purge going, we have brought in typical garage sale stuff and many bargains. I don't usually read that long list of items in an estate sale ad but some of you do, so here goes:

Clawfoot bathtub
Vintage stove
Bergere chairs and ottoman
Iron pipe table/cart
Tall dresser
Vintage wood vanity
French style painted desk/vanity
Raw wood corner shelving unit
Stained deco style hall tree
Painted trunk
Dress forms
White iron patio glider and chair
French grey matching fan chairs
Willow rocker and chaise
Big stack of matching ceiling tins
Heavy and big white painted picnic tables
Suitcases, chandeliers and sconces
Giant shabby mirror, prints, paintings and art
Funky office things
Textiles, rugs, camp blankets, pillows from vintage fabrics
My famous debutante painting!
Some of my Vintage Xmas collections.
Fabulous outdoor driftwood table from Lynn Steely
Many small items; Shaving mirrors, the entire collection of blue transferware you see in the photo above, Moroccan punched tin shades, vintage jewelry and tons of baubles and trinkets (and this is just my stuff, not Cindy's!) She also has as much as me with furniture, art, smalls and tons of goodies.

Perfectly working TV's and other misc. electronics
Old iMac and iBook
TONS of cool bags from Banana Republic to Old Navy
Shoes and boots- some vintage
GREAT clothes from S-XXL:dresses, jackets, jeans
Music Cd's, video tapes, cassette tapes, design books
Kitchen paraphernalia: pots and pans, pasta machine, juicer, espresso maker, white dishes, bowls, glasses, cutting boards, utensils
Bedding: Tons of clean and good condition Ralph Lauren sheets and misc. towels, duvets, coverlets and fabric pieces
Small tables and chairs, tools, indoor, outdoor, pots, art, frames, old windows, etc.

AND!! This sale coincides with the Prairie Village Sidewalk Sale, so you might as well make a day of it!!!!

For all of you have been emailing already, my staff is not shipping any of these items- sorry. There is also not a pre-sale for friends or family. This is first-come, first-serve. Please be patient with us those first four hours as we try to double check all purchases while giving you a speedy checkout.

Many of you have asked me, "What now?" You seem to be terrified that I am changing my house! Know this: I have been in my house ten years and yes, it has been repainted three times, rearranged and styled to death. The latest transformation was deliberately dressed for the Country Living shoot, but now I want serenity- for just awhile. Fresh walls, simple furnishings,
white sheets, shades of grey, driftwood pieces, galvanized metal, linen slipcovers and so on. My mission is to style it to be more calming. More Real Simple. Think monastery meets European farmhouse! Pictures will surely come, but not anytime soon. It will take me awhile to replenish.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Sharing What's New

June greetings!
The art show was wrapped up, the dust has settled and we have finally gotten the store back in order so I wanted to share with you the new items that have come in lately. We were lucky to sell a lot of furniture that weekend so I have been replenishing frantically.

First, many new antiques just in:

Giant painted deskA pair of these feminine satin wing back chairsThis fabulous retail coat treeWire bassinetIndustrial lampSmall painted kitchen tablePine Possum Belly Cabinet . I loved that is stripped raw and sanded smooth.This oddball collection of vintage majorette trophies.
Closet door bookshelfPine washstand with enamel bowl.Dusty blue velvet loveseat.
And just off the truck:
I am near crazy for these burlap and linen pieces that just arrivedALSO JUST IN:
More Sally Jean charms (and another new line) with great chains and bracelets that make it easy to add to it over time.

Also, SAVE THE DATE: June 26, 27 and 28 as Curious Sofa is using the large 2,700 sf empty store space next door and having a giant clearance sale/garage sale/estate sale. We are transferring many items from the store that we are ready to discount, the entire staff is bringing items in from their homes and get ready, as I AM EMPTYING MY HOUSE. No kidding. Many of the main items you saw in my home from the Country Living story will be for sale: Blue transferware, ivory denim Bergere chairs, tons of Ralph Lauren sheets and duvets, antique lawn chairs and gliders, willow furniture, vanity, dresser, cabinets, chandeliers, and tons of small scrappy items as well as typical stuff like dishes, cooking utensils, clothes, handbags, etc. My niece Cindy is employed here now and she is a full-on experienced junker who will manage the event and run it like a true Estate Sale. So mark your calendars and check back for more info. You should not miss this.