Monday, June 09, 2008

Sharing What's New

June greetings!
The art show was wrapped up, the dust has settled and we have finally gotten the store back in order so I wanted to share with you the new items that have come in lately. We were lucky to sell a lot of furniture that weekend so I have been replenishing frantically.

First, many new antiques just in:

Giant painted deskA pair of these feminine satin wing back chairsThis fabulous retail coat treeWire bassinetIndustrial lampSmall painted kitchen tablePine Possum Belly Cabinet . I loved that is stripped raw and sanded smooth.This oddball collection of vintage majorette trophies.
Closet door bookshelfPine washstand with enamel bowl.Dusty blue velvet loveseat.
And just off the truck:
I am near crazy for these burlap and linen pieces that just arrivedALSO JUST IN:
More Sally Jean charms (and another new line) with great chains and bracelets that make it easy to add to it over time.

Also, SAVE THE DATE: June 26, 27 and 28 as Curious Sofa is using the large 2,700 sf empty store space next door and having a giant clearance sale/garage sale/estate sale. We are transferring many items from the store that we are ready to discount, the entire staff is bringing items in from their homes and get ready, as I AM EMPTYING MY HOUSE. No kidding. Many of the main items you saw in my home from the Country Living story will be for sale: Blue transferware, ivory denim Bergere chairs, tons of Ralph Lauren sheets and duvets, antique lawn chairs and gliders, willow furniture, vanity, dresser, cabinets, chandeliers, and tons of small scrappy items as well as typical stuff like dishes, cooking utensils, clothes, handbags, etc. My niece Cindy is employed here now and she is a full-on experienced junker who will manage the event and run it like a true Estate Sale. So mark your calendars and check back for more info. You should not miss this.