Thursday, September 05, 2019


Here we go! Another First Friday is upon us. Shop Curious Sofa this weekend at Urban Mining. I have separated my space into two different looks, light and dark. The dark side features a leather sofa, a pair of amazing display backdrops probably used for Ralph Lauren or an Ambercombie; a large desk, a pair of wonderful Florentine tables and amore....

The light side features a raw wood pedestal table and 4 acrylic chairs, a rattan Peacock chair, French Provincial armoire, and as always tons of jewelry, bags and accessories.

Open September 5-9
Thursday 5-9, Friday 9-9, Saturday 9-6, Sunday 12-5.
3111 Gillham Road, KCMO

Other display images from Urban Mining:

Friday, August 30, 2019


As I flipped through old Curious Sofa store pics, deciding what to post today, I stopped at these large armoires I bought back in 2000 for shop display. I discovered them at Cheep Antiques in the River Mart of Kansas City, I had loved these giant cabinets because of their original paint and over the top detail but certainly had no use for them in my home. When I knew I was opening my first store on the Blvd, the 8’ long cream version was my first purchase. I was told they came out of an Egyptian Hotel. Each one had ornate doors and were once used as wardrobe closets. When we moved to the Village, I bought 2 more 10’ long in pale green. I removed the doors, added shelving and because they were 22” deep, I was thrilled they could hold a plethora of merchandise- especially at Christmas! One held soaps and candles, one was perfect for bedding and one for stationery or kitchen items. Although they were a pain to move, they served me well for ten years and were sold to some faithful customers when we closed. (it tool 6 men to get them out our doors!)

Friday, July 19, 2019


I’m going to guess that most of us have a muse in our lives that we have secretly admired from afar. I discovered my muse over 20 years ago inside the many decor magazines that featured the shops and home of Carol Hicks Bolton. @carolhicksboltonantiiques

In 1998, I flew to Fredericksburg, Texas to see Tim and Carol Bolton’s five stores. It was an experience I will never forget. The visual stimulus, creative ideas and pure retail nirvana was beyond anything I could ever tell you about here. From that time on Carol became an icon to me (a word she would hate) as well as the inspiration for the kind of retail store I longed to have.

2 years later I opened Curious Sofa and many years later I headed to the furniture market in Highpoint, North Carolina. As I walked into her showroom, I once again fell spellbound over her furniture designs and display techniques… and she was there!

I stalked her like a groupie and must have circled her displays a hundred times. When I finally met her I could barely speak. Now, many years later, our paths have crossed often and I am happy to call her my friend.

When you are that smitten your checkbook knows no bounds. Before I knew it, I was ordering a store full of her sofas and case goods for my shop. I returned home to train the staff, make a trip with my sales team to Fredericksburg to see how they did it and returned to transform my store to showcase the new CHB line that would be arriving in a few months.

I came across these pictures today of my store and how I tried to do it like Carol (which today makes me shake my head and laugh out loud)- NO ONE can do it like her. But that didn’t keep me from being determined to try something new.

A few years ago, I was in her new store, looking around. Knowing I was there she called me and said, “Would you walk over to this display I am working on for Round Top and tell me what you think?” I laughed out loud! “What?! Are you joking? You want ME to tell YOU what I think? You can’t be serious?!” But she was. That is the type of person she is. As humble and kind as she is talented.

a few carpet bags I found to coordinate with my CHB line