Thursday, October 26, 2017

October 26, 2017

Hello all!
Yes, I have been missing in action for a while. I sold my little house after 19 years, moved into a brand new swanky loft/apartment three blocks away, drove to Junk Bonanza in Minneapolis and then to Texas for the Round Top Antiques Fair!! Then on to Carol Hicks Bolton and Magnolia Pearl in Fredericksburg; Magnolia in Waco and finished up with Pioneer Woman in Oklahoma. Yes, sometimes it pays off to live in the Midwest!! What an overloading trip of retail inspiration!! Then back to a new home where the decorating is still underway- (yes, pictures will come eventually).

My new loft has taken some getting used to I admit, but I am up for the challenge. The footprint seems actually bigger than my little house. In the last couple months I have literally touched ever single item I own more than once from having an estate sale to packing to unpacking... Christmas stuff, jewelry, kitchen utensils, office papers, clothes, furniture, trinkets.... you name it. It has been quite a lesson in accumulation and organization. (How many times can you say, "I can't believe how much stuff I have!?"). In my defense, this was 19 years of living in the same place with a basement, porch, backyard and garage; leftovers from closing a store, current vintage inventory and well, being a crafty-antiquing gal. So you can imagine the stuff that overwhelmed when I decided to move.

I ran across an article this morning and thought I would segue my story above into sharing this with you. As we all get older sometimes its time to step back and empty the stuff that's clogging our lives, our homes and our minds! This was written for your clothes closet but I am modifying it to include our entire possessions:

1. Anything That Doesn't Fit
If it doesn't fit physically, emotionally, and spiritually: your body, your home, your lifestyle, and your relationships.

2. Anything You Wouldn't Want To Buy Right This Minute
- I love this one because your style changes (it SHOULD change!). What you bought three, five or ten years ago may be time to donate.

3. Pieces That Don't Make You Love Your Body
- Or love your home, your office, or your life.

4. Articles That Are Broken, Unfixable, Worn Out
- or items that just need a little something to make them right: painting, sewing, fixing, cleaning, etc.

5. Gifted Items You Have No Inclination To Ever Wear/Use
- I am amazed at friends and clients that won’t get rid of something because someone gave it to them... years ago! Now there are always exceptions to something sentimental, but usually it is not. In fact, you probably downright don’t like it. Give it away!! Do you really think your friend or family member will disown you? If so, I have one little adjustment to this: keep a small box or suitcase with these items tucked away and bring them out when your gift giver is coming over.

5. Items You Think You "Should" Own
- Just because it’s trendy or cool or your friend has it doesn’t mean it’s for you!

6. Items You Haven't Used In The Past Year
7. Items You Don't Feel Special While Wearing, Using or Viewing
8. Pieces That Don't Give You Joy
-See #7

9. Pieces You've Only Used/Worn Once
10. Pieces You Once Loved, But Are Now Bored Of
11. Things That You're Only Holding Onto Because They We’re Expensive
- Lesson learned! 

12. Pieces That Make You Think Of Past Relationships
- I love this one too. MOVE ON especially if there are some hurtful memories.

13. Items You Accidentally Bought & Want To Replace
- Sometimes we buy what we can afford (sometimes we can’t afford them in the first place!!). In my case, I had lived with the same sheets, towels, and dishes for 19 years!! It was time to get rid of them all and buy new.