Thursday, November 11, 2021




FALL 2021

Well here we go everyone! Curious Sofa's Fall 2021 is up and ready at Glenwood Antique Mall.

I had a blast curating this look and it all began last Spring when I found that giant Senorita on the wall. I gasped when I found her and told myself I was going to keep her but once she found a spot in my nearly all white home, she was out of place, so I did the next best thing; I designed a room completely around her!

I gathered over the next few months all the textures, pattern and objects I could that spoke to me with ethnic, boho, and well-traveled appeal (keeping my color palette in mind as always). Speaking of, Miss Senorita was wearing a very hot pink dress that just wouldn't do so I had to repaint that. My first attempt of ever transforming an original art but I did ok. 

Over this last month I repaired, assembled, painted, cleaned, and tagged all you see here (and a new gallery wall too!) and yesterday, put it all into place. I am rarely happy with anything I do as I am always my worst critic, but I was a bit giddy when this was finished. 

I hope you can make it into the mall to see this first hand and gather some treasures. Many items will make their way to the website over the next few weeks too. Now on to Christmas...