Monday, July 14, 2014


On July 4th, Curious Sofa returned to a new type of brick & mortar. Top Hat Mercantile opened on Independence Day to a line of customers waiting to see what all the fuss was about. I am happy to report we did not disappoint.

After 9 weeks of constant remodeling as well as buying new and old goods we were able to get down to what we really wanted to do- SELL SOMETHING! Take a look around at Curious Sofa's new home and as their hired Creative Director, allow me to brag a little about the design I am so proud of:

THE AFTER! A newly designed exterior with old school doors, transom window, larger than life sign and an iron deck with stairs and a ramp.
As you enter: A website search inspired me to design these silhouette heads and add the Beatles quote. Pam Renner tackled the project perfectly.
As you leave.
A Pinterest image inspired me to ask Paige Jenson to make this overhead lighting fixture from bicycle wheels for our entrance.
I ordered these top hat signs from a source I had then added our own signage. The guys secured them to our checkout counter.
Dealer April Spencer tackled the bathroom remodel by adding an industrial cabinet base, copper penny backsplash and another custom fixture from Paige made from plumber's pipe.

An old overhead projector came in handy as I painted this Mona Lisa on our back doors.
More signage for our downstairs departments.
The stairwell was lined with vintage photos with everyone wearing top hats and another graphic I designed to guide customers downstairs.
Pam found these metal lights which worked perfectly illuminating the stairwell.
Another found image of a circus group framed to hang in the stairwell.
Our best selling t-shirt of this dachshund is also painted on the lower level exit.
Random graphics of Kansas City landmarks were painted throughout. I asked my sister to do this one!

Top Hat owner Michael Renner showed up with his amazing new purchase which I have aptly named Red Rita. Look for her outside the shop every First Friday!

I couldn't help but add a little patriotic flare to the entrance.

I am especially proud of offering a Top Hat Gift Shop. It was fun curating this and ordering the custom signage.

And my Curious Sofa space goes neutral- of course!

Above, the tags I designed for my newest brainchild Tobacco Road: rustic workwear for men and women with some home goods tossed in.

A customer wandered by and we had to take this shot for Facebook!

 And below, a sampling of the graphics I designed for Top Hat.

This postcard using an old Victorian cabinet card portrait (yes! of a dog wearing a top hat) announces our arrival.

Another feminine version was designed as well.

The first Top Hat business card with our calendar on the back. These will change every season.

One of 5 Facebook ads I designed.

Top Hat tote bags.

I had the most fun gathering vintage t-shirts, then took to a local printer to do four different designs.

Our front door signage.

Large 24" signs were hung in the lower level showcasing our departments.

Fun tags we add to our Boneyard dept showing deep discounts.

Our return policy sign.

2" buttons all the dealers wear during the show.

And my baby, wondering when we're going home. Her third store opening!