Monday, June 04, 2012

Photographer Kristin Perers

I love the Mexican papel picado (festival papers) draped across
the room for no apparent reason.
Without question, one of the many rewarding things about the Internet is stumbling upon talent that you would have not found otherwise. While flipping through the Sanctuary blog, I see pictures of a wonderful interior by Kristin Perers. I went to her website and learn she is a photographer and was immediately taken by her portfolio, her since of style and her (all white!) home. I wanted to Pin some of her images but many were in double image formats and besides, there were so many too choose that  I decided to just do a special blog post about her.

Chicago born but now living in London, she was a stylist, designer and now has found her home behind the camera. Take a look at her lovely style and soulful images:
The raw concrete wall works perfectly with the statue fragments.

Simple is always better. This makes me want to redo my kitchen.
Large paint swatches suddenly become art.
Once again, framing is overrated.
A wonderful textural vignette.
I especially love how the simple cotton dresses hanging on the
hutch mimic the silhouette of the dress forms.
I love the scale and placement of all these random objects.
Not just a picture of carrots but this image is instantly made more
personal by showing the hands and tool that farms the food.
From the "why didn't I think of that?' file; rustic blue fabric hung from
pegs for the backdrop and not cropped out of the shot
but shown to add more interest to plain 'ol kale.
Also loving the edge of the table showing and not centered in the frame.
Not one board but two, wrapped towel, reduced stew.
Love the color tones of this image as well as the styling with parchment paper.
An amazing portrait of this fishmonger (and I love the
bright blue sleeves peeking out).
Cup shape, plate texture, layers.

 See more images and learn about Kristin Perers on her website.


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