Monday, September 23, 2013

Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday's Great Idea

How many times do you see those old, plastic office chairs sitting on the curb or at your local thrift store? How clever is this? Remove the base and add to any cube, shelves, small chest and transform into a new end table. Anything on wheels is good!
And this is this week's great collection. An assortment of little chairs. My guess is the largest is 4".

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wednesday Shopping!


BACK IN STOCK! Iron Wall Arch, $132.00
Set of Antique Lace, $39.95
Vintage Moroccan Earrings, $19.95
BACK IN STOCK! Set of 3, Mercury Candlesticks, $57.95
Antique Composite Doll, $32.00
Vintage Fabric Letter Holder, $18.95
BACK IN STOCK! 72" Burlap Runner, $27.50
BACK IN STOCK! Red Stripe Burlap Runner, $23.50
Vintage Department Store Wrapping Paper, $12.95
BACK IN STOCK! Clear Crown Glasses, $7.95 ea
Set of 2, Vintage Journals, $22

1908 Satin Ribbon Medal, $32.50

Monday, September 16, 2013

Today's Happy Image

How fun is this? Great packaging design!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saturday Shopping

Raven Top Hat  $44.95. 
 My former staff wouldn't be too happy to hear I would have wanted us all to wear these, they are fantastic! -and so many uses. Not just to wear but also for a mannequin or hat stand centerpiece.
September means Fall is near which also means most retailers are in full-blown Halloween regalia. For six seasons Curious Sofa was decked out this time of year, from top to bottom in whatever clever theme or vignette I could dream up, but now its time to come clean. I have a serious confession to make: I hate Halloween. There, I said it. Many fans will read this aghast- but its true.

So why did I celebrate Halloween all those years inside my store? Why did I pull out the stops; hang cheesecloth wrapped chandeliers, secure giant spiders on the wall, pin striped witch stockings from black umbrellas, and skeleton heads to mannequins wearing antique bridal gowns? Why did I paint a giant tree on the wall to secure dozens of crows? Why did I paint a doll house green and sit it on top of more striped legs? Because it was drama! Because it was a show. Because customers wanted, needed and expected it. And I was a retailer with a big store smack dab in the middle of a family neighborhood who celebrated Halloween. Now I know "hate" is a strong word so don't get me wrong because my other confession is I did have fun with it most of the time because it stretched my creative thinking.

Every year I tried something different with my three guidelines still in tow:
- Color palette: no orange, no purple! I would not use orange unless it was a darker, dustier version usually found only in fresh pumpkins.
- No cute Halloween. I used to tell editors, "I don't do Halloween with skinny little pumpkin people."
- No Devils. (After all, what holiday do you think he celebrates?)

I prefer dramatic Halloween, antique Halloween, a dark, dusty, gothic Halloween and a clever Halloween. Truth is, I love doing a fall display but one using burlap, wheat and corn stalks, pumpkins, wheel barrows, etc. (Not a bewitching item in sight!). One of my favorites from the store was using hay bales around a dining room table with American flags, turkeys and pictures of George Washington and Abe Lincoln.

Last year on the website I offered much more Halloween items and many sold well but I found it challenging to showcase these items without a dramatic display. So this year, I have cut back and left Halloween to the brick & mortar stores where it belongs. But I could not pass up these items below because they were just right for the web. Enjoy!

Pair Glitter Crows, $12.95
Mini Birdcage, $13.50
Black Magic Pillow, $44

Vintage Dress Form, $150
Exit Sign, $12.95
BACK IN STOCK! Scrap Wood Heart, $47.50
Florentine Shelf, $48.50
Large Silver Tray, $49.95
BACK IN STOCK! Pair of Grey Risers, $52.95
BACK IN STOCK! Silver Fringe Necklace, $32
BACK IN STOCK! Amazing Grace Bracelet, $19.95
BACK IN STOCK! Floral Disc Earrings, $11.95
BACK IN STOCK! Antique Style Bangles, $16.50
BACK IN STOCK! Ethiopian Cross Earrings, $8.95

Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday's Great Idea

I know many of us have seen this done a hundred times but there was something about this particular color combination that appealed to me. Vintage globes can come in dozens of colors; this darker turquoise green works well with the orange color of fall bittersweet. An unexpected September display.

Today's Great Collection

If you're going to collect tools, this is one way to display them! Imagine this hung in a garage or shed. One reader suggested this would make a great fabric pattern. I agree!

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Friday's Great Idea

Using old silver as a popsicle stick.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

This week on Pinterest

Look closely: The wall art is pegboard done in cross stitch!
From the "I am going to do this" category: Wire hangers with an adding twig branch. Hang jewelry, scarves or lightweight towels.
Look closely at this too: The settee has a handpainted maiden.
Now this is how I would do Fall. (no orange!) A lovely centerpiece pumpkin with neutral color florals.
An informal porch somewhere.
I choose dogs over cats but who can't sigh over this! Such sweet babies.
My friend Elizabeth arranged her dining room into a new sewing nook. Who couldn't sit here and create for hours?
For white lovers, this needs no explanation.
I stumbled upon a Pinterest board filled with images of antique clothes. How lovely is this delicate petticoat?
With all the images on Pinterest, it is rare to see something you have not seen before- but this? Ladders wrapped as chandeliers? A restaurant somewhere in Europe I think.
This couple built a wall of light from salvaged windows.
A kitchen not in Kansas!
From my new board titled 'Raw Wood Obsession' I loved this doorway stripped of all original paint.
Love the ceiling, brick wall and ornate doors in the background. TEXTURE!
And finally, a wonderful portrait of Diane Keaton with her best friend on this ratty, wonderful old sofa.