Thursday, September 05, 2013

This week on Pinterest

Look closely: The wall art is pegboard done in cross stitch!
From the "I am going to do this" category: Wire hangers with an adding twig branch. Hang jewelry, scarves or lightweight towels.
Look closely at this too: The settee has a handpainted maiden.
Now this is how I would do Fall. (no orange!) A lovely centerpiece pumpkin with neutral color florals.
An informal porch somewhere.
I choose dogs over cats but who can't sigh over this! Such sweet babies.
My friend Elizabeth arranged her dining room into a new sewing nook. Who couldn't sit here and create for hours?
For white lovers, this needs no explanation.
I stumbled upon a Pinterest board filled with images of antique clothes. How lovely is this delicate petticoat?
With all the images on Pinterest, it is rare to see something you have not seen before- but this? Ladders wrapped as chandeliers? A restaurant somewhere in Europe I think.
This couple built a wall of light from salvaged windows.
A kitchen not in Kansas!
From my new board titled 'Raw Wood Obsession' I loved this doorway stripped of all original paint.
Love the ceiling, brick wall and ornate doors in the background. TEXTURE!
And finally, a wonderful portrait of Diane Keaton with her best friend on this ratty, wonderful old sofa.