Saturday, May 31, 2008

Artfelt Thanks

Something wonderful happens when many people gather for a specific purpose- energy, camaraderie and just plain fun fills the air. It has been quite the ride this week watching The Village prepare for the art show while my staff moved the store completely around, and then Friday seeing our chosen artists arrive to set up their space and display it with the items they have been working on so diligently. Each and everyone of them uniquely different. See more of their designs:

Greg Johnson:

Tag Team Tompkins, Diane and Madeline Tompkins:
Van Dusen Clockworks, Jon and Lisa Van Dusen:

Michelle Spaw:

Moonfly Pottery, Mary K. Porter:
Brenda Kilgore:
Renee Garvey Jewelry:
Delsie Chambon:
Although this event business wears us all down, there is nothing like seeing all of our great customers over a few short days and others we haven't seen forever. Each artist also sent out postcards so we are making a lot of new friends too. We are always surprised (but grateful) people are discovering us for the first time.

The traffic has been constant despite the 85 degree weather and each night we must close the doors long before the crowds die down or we would never make it in the next day to do it all over again. Art has sold, antiques, a sofa, chairs, seashells, tables, soap and lotions and jewelry, jewelry, jewelry. Take a look at some of the outdoor artists and maybe you can save the date for next year as we will surely do it again...

And finally, Pearl was spent after so many people in and out of the store and long, 12 hour days.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

One Nation

As promised, shown here is a small selection of our red, white and blue paraphernalia. I missed getting shots of some of the more spectacular items because they were snatched up six hours after putting them out, but that's okay- that's what we do.

Above, the little statue of liberty was tossed around somehow (after purchase) so her arm fell off. I couldn't stand to throw her out so I wired a little flag to her. I think her message is still clear.

Every May the seashells come out. I have a source in Florida and boxes and boxes arrive all summer. All are real but some of the coral is not.

I found this giant wire bowl (who knows what it was) which was perfect for a centerpiece- now sold.

Our bathing beauty pictures, sailboats and seagull.

Vintage cross stitch.

A new/old lawn chair and galvanized bucket filled with hydrangea.

Sea fans, cross bottles and glass cloche.

We have tubs and tubs of tea stained flags, small hand held styles to 8' long. This vintage photograph is one of my favorites.

I also collect baseballs all year long as I love them in big bowls and urns.

I also love this vintage ice cream maker. It will be filled with more flags soon.

This great vintage desk lasted about 18 hours before a customer snatched it up. It seems everyone is redoing the home office.

I always design a new summer tag for the seashells. This year, I glued them on Popsicle sticks then added the staple to help them appear like little fans.

Art show samples will post this Tuesday. I hope you make plans to attend.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

All About Mom

Why is it Mother's Day seems to creep up on us? We know it's coming, we may even mark it on our calendar, but not until the week (the day) before do we decide to go shopping. No pressure here as we try and find something special for mom in the eleventh hour. This is when I think Curious Sofa really shines. We hear over and over- this is where you like to shop to find the unusual gift and we think mom's of all ages deserve that. You won't find pantyhose or talcum powder here- but take a look at some of the new antiques we got this week as well as our popular consumable items.

Vintage Mother poem.

Collage art print from Sally Jean. (New charms from her are on the way!)

Lovely floral oil painting.

Something cute for the young mother: vintage inspired floral aprons.

Fancy French soaps, lotions and candle diffusers from Durance, Lepi de Provence and Cote Bastide. This is what a special gift is all about, something decadent we all want but would rarely buy for ourselves. $5.95 - $48.50.

We always have a large range of jewelry from new to antique: tiny chains, lockets, crosses, china pendants, beaded chokers, rhinestones, bangles and rings- and always a large selection of vintage clip-on earrings.

I looked around this week and noticed what a great selection of handmade textiles we have.

Above, a Victorian style door valance.

Hanging from this antique drying rack are a few of our lace tablecloths.

From above- our Santos hold our popular crochet towels, in white or ivory. $9.95

This crochet bedspread was a rare find.

I have heard these called snowball or popcorn coverlets. This one is a bit worn but with the pointed edges would make a great dust ruffle by laying it over the box springs.

Round lace tablecloth.

Another crochet coverlet in excellent condition.

And some other merchandise and new antiques just in:

Painted nesting tables.

Florentine music box and frame.

Burlap seat cushion.

Blue and red paisley quilt.

More blue transferware.

Our ever-growing silver collection.

New grey-wash pots and galvanized pedestals.

Brown transferware and canvas print.

Grey pearl frames.

A wire fragment good for displaying just about anything.

Old light fixture with frosted glass shades.

And finally, my favorite item of the week: this tiny ruffled child's slip.

Keep watching this month as we bring out the red, white and blue for Memorial Day, seashells for summer and prepare for our first Insider Art Show during the Prairie Village Art Fair, May 30, 31 and June 1. Details soon.