Saturday, May 24, 2008

One Nation

As promised, shown here is a small selection of our red, white and blue paraphernalia. I missed getting shots of some of the more spectacular items because they were snatched up six hours after putting them out, but that's okay- that's what we do.

Above, the little statue of liberty was tossed around somehow (after purchase) so her arm fell off. I couldn't stand to throw her out so I wired a little flag to her. I think her message is still clear.

Every May the seashells come out. I have a source in Florida and boxes and boxes arrive all summer. All are real but some of the coral is not.

I found this giant wire bowl (who knows what it was) which was perfect for a centerpiece- now sold.

Our bathing beauty pictures, sailboats and seagull.

Vintage cross stitch.

A new/old lawn chair and galvanized bucket filled with hydrangea.

Sea fans, cross bottles and glass cloche.

We have tubs and tubs of tea stained flags, small hand held styles to 8' long. This vintage photograph is one of my favorites.

I also collect baseballs all year long as I love them in big bowls and urns.

I also love this vintage ice cream maker. It will be filled with more flags soon.

This great vintage desk lasted about 18 hours before a customer snatched it up. It seems everyone is redoing the home office.

I always design a new summer tag for the seashells. This year, I glued them on Popsicle sticks then added the staple to help them appear like little fans.

Art show samples will post this Tuesday. I hope you make plans to attend.