Tuesday, March 01, 2022


     Happy Spring!

     I had a plan. I have a plan every season and this year I decided to display my Spring merchandise on Feb 15. As with most of my plans, only about 80% came to fruition but it is a Spring aesthetic none the less. It all started with Ralph. 

    I saw an image of a Ralph Lauren’s showroom from a year or two ago and I was off and running with a Curious Sofa vision for Spring. This was the image I saved last fall:

He had layers of soft plaids, seersucker suits, pastel checks and various props displayed that had a softer color palette than one usually sees for Spring. But soon I found out hunting for those pale textiles and clothing were difficult with 6” of snow on the ground. Later my Spring direction solidified with a couple of paintings I found online that were centuries old and done with a similar but more attainable color palette (used in my Facebook banner and available as a Tiny Print now). This one: 

Once I have the colors chosen for any season I am taking on, I’m good to go. Months were spent searching for happier furniture, not too sweet textiles and garden inspired items that just spoke to me. Fixing, cleaning, sewing, and framing followed. After two weeks of minor booth remodeling and installation (with much help from my dear friend Shon), the space is done… for now. Outdoor furniture is to come, a collection of shirts and lightweight jackets; more art, lighting and anything else that I find on my daily hunt. 

Changing the banner on my Facebook page happens every season and is a glimpse into the color palette and style direction I am going for.

An overall look of 85% of the space. The side corners were taken down and beefed up for security. 
I also ordered some great wood wallpaper to add to the underside.

A collection of vintage floral prints were collected over the last few months.

Any accessory that said Spring to me was also found. 

Hunting for vintage floral ticking fabric seemed to be appropriate for the season.

For the first time I gathered many faux plants and flowers to embellish the space. Choosing silk over plastic and softer, neutral shades over bright colors makes them a bit more forgiving.

I found some wonderful pastel floral sheets to make pillows from.

The print above is another one of my projects; a professional print adhered to a stretch canvas.

I just had to have these. A fun pair of galoshes can not only be worn but a fun prop for the front porch or garden shed.

This work bench was the last addition and much needed piece to complete the display.

A bit unexpected, but this retro flame stitch chair had all the colors I was hoping to use for Spring.

Another last minute find was this sweet striped loveseat.

A bit brighter than I would have liked but for Spring it is a great centerpiece.

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