Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New February Goods

1. Sparrow necklace with antique copper on filigree chain SOLD
2. Wooden Santos hands SOLD OUT

Chilly greetings everyone.
So the latest news is that we now have snow in all 50 states. Not a surprise, it's winter! Although Kansas City had paralyzing snow on Christmas day, we have not been hit nearly as hard as some of the country this month. Every time I see a city with 16" or more I cringe for the local shop around the corner. One day of bad business is bad enough but imagine weeks of it because people cannot even get out of their homes! Local businesses cannot prepare for mother nature the way you might expect. We are usually running by the seat of our pants, buying and selling one day at a time.

Not only are the late winter months not conducive for fun shopping, but it is also hard for retailers to make a strong impression between seasons. Weather makes it harder to shop for antiques and manufacturers are still making and delivering seasonal goods. All that said, Curious Sofa is really good at pretending! We know you are not ready to dig in the garden or open the windows so we have prepared many items to hold you over. Take a look around:

3. New brass and silver embossed jewelry SOLD OUT

4. Tin newspaper letter holder

5. Some antiques just in:
Marmalade pot, metal skates, ironstone butter pats,
silver plate wedding basket, sugar bowl and water pitcher,
black beaded choker and rustic birdhouse.

6. Heavy keyhole door knocker SOLD OUT

7. Distressed plaster and metal sconces. SOLD

8. New trashy notepads. (My favorite bottom left!)

9. Cardboard buttons for crafting.

10. Blue Amelie tumblers and wine glasses.
.11. Wine and beer printed glasses.

12. Rose wine decanter and glasses.

13. Big (and small) printed hoops.

14. Bohemian pattern bangles.

15. Paisley clutch.

16. Cotton stripe runners.

17. The beginnings of Spring.

18. One of the many clay pots in the store.

19. Burlap pillows with embroidery.

20. XL Birdcage with carved birds, glass try, votive candle.

21. Small seed starter pots.

22. Armillary, indoor goddess, round glass botanical.

23. Our newest candle line which I love because of the double wicks
and the slender box of matches attached inside the lid.

24. Faux concrete bouquet SOLD

25. Vintage ottoman with box pleats.

26. Ceramic measuring vessels, great for flowers.

27. Tiny cupcake pedestals.

28. More antiques:
Brown transferware dish, condiment bottle, beaded clutch,
gold fabric clutch, embossed file folder and my new obsession: vintage coin jewelry.

29. My new favorite, printed rose scarf SOLD

30. Silver filigree necklace SOLD

31. Charcoal and Espresso quilted bags.

32. Big, heavy duty rope baskets great for wood.

33. Restocked maps.

34. More antiques:
Curved top side table, rose print pillow, McCoy vase, beaded necklaces.

35. The beginnings of our Easter goods.

36: Always a crowd favorite, a collection of frosted pharmacy bottles SOLD

37: Sold by the piece, Johnson Brothers Rose Print China.
I love using the smaller berry bowls as a soap dish or to hold earrings.

38: My favorite white washed side table.

39. This metal garden table would also be great in an office SOLD

40. Painted Sideboard SOLD

42. My new favorite table. Oval top, trestle legs.

Our Furniture/Sofa Sale starts Monday.
20% off custom order slipcover or upholstery furniture.
February 22 - March 14.

42. Just in, our charcoal linen Metro Sofa with slipcover.

Fresh, new prints to choose from as well as our solid linens and twills.

43. Natural Flax fabric on our most popular T-Back Sofa with slipcover.

Email the shop for prices: