Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Greg Johnson

My good friend and artist extraordinaire Greg Johnson, delivered his 2012 calendars to my front door last night! Many of you have emailed me asking where they are, and now I am happy to present them to you. Hot of the press, self published and just in time for Christmas.

This 2012 calendar is filled with 64 uncoated pages ready for your note keeping and daily agenda. Front and back cover is embossed representing an old journal. The inside is designed with and antique journal in mind with ruled pages, weekly inspirational quotes and Greg's seasonal collage art. Don't wait. They will not last!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The E Word

The room above is pulled together with a great mix of styles: Modern cow hide chaise with chrome, Renaissance chair with tattered upholstery, primitive chippy paint pedestal, antique illustrations, leather books, raw-wood door.

In this day and age of collecting, junking, and re-purposing, it is easy for all of us to call our interiors "eclectic", but what is eclectic really? And how can we pull an eclectic interior together to be something more than just a glorified hodge-podge?! In the words of my mentor Carol Bolton, "It takes a lot of work to make something look undecorated." Amen sister. I found some images that I feel kick eclectic into a true decorator style.

Modern desk, retro style sofa, Asian table, Persian rug,
traditional painting.

Don't be fooled: eclectic style should be carefully handpicked; ask anyone who does it really well. What you assemble is very important: the textures, periods, shapes and styles may look haphazard, but keeping your eye sharp to see what will coordinate together is key.

Touches of black tie this eclectic mix together: Rug, bust, pillow and chair as well as the gold frames and crystal chandelier working together and the pink throw with pink art.

Yes, eclectic can be all white too: 50's chairs, modern table, contemporary art, crystal chandelier, ethnic chair, primitive handmade tables, industrial lamp.

Keeping it minimal can also be eclectic by choosing large objects with big drama: Graphic art, Buddha statue, leather club chair, ethnic fabric.

The room above is more of what we think of as eclectic style: a room full of every shape, size, color and style imaginable but still edited with a keen eye: Something gaudy and gold, something modern and clean, something worn and used; a pattern, a solid, square shape, round shape, wonky statue. This works above because of using items on a larger scale. I also like the giant branch in the corner to soften all these gallery-like objects. And notice how the giant mirror was left on its shipping frame! Love that.

Super minimal: Ultra-cool modern chairs sitting alone in a turn of the century ornate interior.


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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Going Bold with Gold

The black lamps above help keep the use of gold in
this room fresh and modern.

I've always been a silver girl myself, but lately I cannot help but be attracted to the glitz of gold. Maybe it is because of this time of year when leaves are falling and autumn colors are abundant. From your favorite jacket to setting your holiday table, try some gold to mix with your favorite items this month.

This week I have added 41 new products to the website and page one is full of ethnic brass trays, gold jewelry and cotton scarves from India. I'm inspired to add all of them to my neutral home and wardrobe, which would fit in just fine.

Looking stylish and cool; blonde hair, camel colored sweater
and layers of gold bangles.

These Asian gold panels work well with a touch of pink.

One of five patterns available: Cotton Scarf, $24.95

How groovy is this? Paint a gold stripe on an old modern chair.

And from the Curious Sofa archives, this picture of my living room from Christmas 2009 (as seen in Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Ideas)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Metal Mania; Seven on Saturday

How easy is this? Add a touch of lace trim or velvet
ribbon to any 'ol metal container.

I'm a lover of all things metal; be it silver, silverplate, wrought iron, galvanized, zinc, dirty brass or copper. It all seems to have a timeless, hand hewn quality to it that I love. And in our homes, I think we need a touch of it here and there. The new
(is it old now?) industrial revolution that happened years ago shows up at most hip antique shows now too. Dealers are getting on board with zinc table tops, stripped down medical cabinets, buckets and farm implements used as sculpture.

Below I am introducing seven of 31 new items I added this week to and I could not help but notice a metal story going on.

How clever is this? Metal Clip Hanger, $13.50.
Oh the possibilities...

This is one example of why we love silver if for display only.
The more the merrier.

Who doesn't love the thick and chunky version of hotel silver?
From the Victor Hugo Hotel, Paris, $48.00

YES PLEASE! Zinc encased bath.

How to take a simple dress to another place.

Loving the raw ceiling tin as a headboard and
plumbers pipe shelving unit.

Feeling crafty?! Molded chair covered in coins.

And can we have a moment of silence for
how fabulous this piece is. Sigh...