Saturday, November 12, 2011

Metal Mania; Seven on Saturday

How easy is this? Add a touch of lace trim or velvet
ribbon to any 'ol metal container.

I'm a lover of all things metal; be it silver, silverplate, wrought iron, galvanized, zinc, dirty brass or copper. It all seems to have a timeless, hand hewn quality to it that I love. And in our homes, I think we need a touch of it here and there. The new
(is it old now?) industrial revolution that happened years ago shows up at most hip antique shows now too. Dealers are getting on board with zinc table tops, stripped down medical cabinets, buckets and farm implements used as sculpture.

Below I am introducing seven of 31 new items I added this week to and I could not help but notice a metal story going on.

How clever is this? Metal Clip Hanger, $13.50.
Oh the possibilities...

This is one example of why we love silver if for display only.
The more the merrier.

Who doesn't love the thick and chunky version of hotel silver?
From the Victor Hugo Hotel, Paris, $48.00

YES PLEASE! Zinc encased bath.

How to take a simple dress to another place.

Loving the raw ceiling tin as a headboard and
plumbers pipe shelving unit.

Feeling crafty?! Molded chair covered in coins.

And can we have a moment of silence for
how fabulous this piece is. Sigh...