Monday, March 01, 2021

MARCH 2021

So much for my attempt at keeping this blog somewhat up-to-date! I just realized I hadn't written since the Xmas season. Funny how once the holiday items are up and displayed, I am on to planning my next look. Come December 31, I was ready to sell off all of the remaining pink and glitter and move on to something a bit more... masculine. 

It all started with an amazing, giant, backdrop of a 1900's track team. It is hard to not decorate around something this bold and wonderful. Leather chairs, darker wood and touches of black were in order- and I could not wait! 

Along with this room I have downsized the jewelry display and turned it into a wonderful gallery wall where 90% of the creations are made by me using vintage frames and new prints I created. This has been a quarantine Godsend as I spend hours into the night searching, manipulating and making these inexpensive works of art.

Now it is March so a touch of garden is starting to show up but being that I am botanically challenged (give me the INDOORS!) honoring this Spring season is going to be interesting. For now I have opted to fill all my garden pots and vases with cholla wood, paper feathers and dried eucalyptus. 

Take a look around and come visit Curious Sofa at the 
Glenwood Antique Mall, 
9030 Metcalf, Overland Park, KS or online of course!