Sunday, November 20, 2016


How many Christmas's has Curious Sofa done now? This will be my 16th! But the last 5 years have been nothing compared to the previous 10. Now, selling at Top Hat, the space is smaller, the selling days fewer and the volume 75% less than when I owned the brick and mortar. But that doesn't mean there are not still great items to choose from.

This year I picked carefully and tried to stock just enough goodies to get you in the mood and adorn your home. Most of us say, "I really don't NEED anything." Well, this is usually true but I always grow tired of some items I have (and some I will love forever) and usually want my decor to have a few items to freshen it up from year to year and not let it grow stale. And it's always a good idea to stay current even if Christmas is an old tradition. Some years we may be entertaining for a particular group and those decorations need to fit accordingly. You probably would not decorate your table or mantle in the same way if you were having an office party -vs- your grandmother's best friends. Therefore, a new touch of gold garland or a cotton wreath can easily step in for the appropriate guest.

Take a look around at what I have in the shop this month (and next). Top Hat has added many more holiday hours. Scroll down to see when we're open!