Thursday, March 20, 2014

Display Ideas

I love finding unusual ways to display and now with the internet, the ideas are endless. With examples from interior designers, retail stores or craft booths, all of these ideas can be used in your home in one way or another.

Case in point; the wall of pictures hung behind the bed below. Some may think this is so wrong, but I think it's smart. This is designing and not just hanging pictures. The room is a great mix of  new, old, mod and traditional. Notice how the fabric used to hang the nude portrait is necessary to balance out the wall of images.

How fun is this? I see old iron headboards all the time and it never occurred to me to hang them as a clothing rack. Perfect for a retail shop but imagine using one in a large bathroom for a towel bar or in a loft space for needed closet space.

I am a sucker for ladders. Use a small step stool as a side table for stacking books or add to the top of a low table for needed height. 

Sometimes simply is so much better. A thick fallen branch used as an informal coat rack.

Sometimes those large hutches and cabinets seem so heavy and take up so much room. Why not hang the darn thing? Yes, a bit of work to secure but look how effective.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Antique Mall Sale


If you live in Kansas City, tomorrow is a big day for the antique mall I am in. It is the third anniversary at Lone Elm Antique Mall and both of my booths (and the 100 others!) have 20% off on every single item. Here are some of the best deals I have. Bigger furniture yes, but so many smalls not shown too!

901 S. Parker
Olathe KS

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Give Me a Sign

Signs are all the rage now, but to be honest, have we ever stopped loving them? Hanging a funky sign in your kitchen, office or studio lets visitors know you do not take your surroundings quite so 
seriously. Whether new or old; metal, wood, black and white or color, try one of these to make you smile:

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