Tuesday, June 28, 2022


July 1 is almost here which means Summer is in full throttle. 

I began the summer season by flying to Rhinebeck, NY (via Albany) to attend the wedding of Duke & Natalie Kisch, the oldest son of my best, dearest, most steadfast friend Billie Tuter-Kisch since 5th grade!! There are not many relationships in my life that have lasted that long without being related. Billie and I have seen each other through a lot; I guess mostly I have watched her. After high school she worked at JC Penney while I was picking up my first camera and found my nitch was shooting models. I shot some pics of Billie and to make a very long story short, they ended up in the hands of a modeling agency in Paris... and off she went.

Circa 1978

June 17, 2022

I watched from the midwest sidelines as my friend adorned the cover of every top French fashion magazine her first year there. And despite her old age of 22, her modeling career took off traveling from Paris to all parts of the world working with some of the most famous fashion photographers on the map. Eventually she moved to New York, married photographer John Kisch and years later they set up home a few hours away in Rhinebeck, NY then along came two beautiful boys. I have visited her in Paris, New York, Poughkeepsie and Rhinebeck many, many times and all the while learning about each city, her life, her work and her new friends but this trip will stand out among one of the best.

Billie and Duke

For the last 32 years Billie has been a real estate agent representing Sothebys. To say there are some jaw dropping properties in upstate New York is putting it mildly. This trip was the first time I rented a car as Billie's dance card was jammed pack every day with wedding guests, events, and errands so she graciously booked me into the Mirbeau Inn & Day Spa while her own home was a revolving door with friends from London, Austin, San Francisco, Virginia and beyond. As I drove back and forth each day, attending dinners and helping her with errands it was amazing to be in the center of such an elegant, yet "country" town. I have jokingly said upon my return, "There wasn't a drive-thru anything anywhere!" (Am I spoiled or what?) Instead the town has many winding roads of small businesses, cafes, shops, quaint artisans and craftsmen all doing their thing and being supported by the locals. There may be a few who were actually born and raised in the popular Hudson Valley (her boys for one) but the majority of her clients are there to get away from the big city... and breathe. There is so much history there that I could not do it justice by writing about it but I will share some great homes that might give you an idea.

Historic homes of Rhinebeck, NY

The wedding was lovely and the weather, ALL WEEKEND was even better.

John, Billie, Duke, Natalie and Ace Kisch

A hilltop wedding ceremony

Rehearsal dinner and River & Post

Looking back, I should have stayed an extra week as Billie and I didn't have much girl time but it was still an amazing week sharing this important event with her. 

I hadn't been on an airplane in almost 4 years. There is nothing fun about airplanes, crowds, cancelled flights (yep, that happened), catching Covid (that happened too) and arriving back home thoroughly exhausted. I slept 36 hours straight when I returned!! That was a first.

While I was gone a couple good friends checked on my booth at the mall and fluffed and arranged as needed. Sadly, because of Covid I had to keep asking for help which is the hardest thing for me to do.
June 1 my summer reveal happened with a mixture of bright white and blue, forgoing the splash of red I usually add and I was happy with that this time. I scored this amazing primitive jelly cabinet which helped anchor the entire space. Tables and chairs have come and gone and much of the artwork as well but there is still one month left of outdoor goodness before I start preparing for fall (yes! FALL! and I am excited for that!!).