Thursday, September 15, 2022

FALL 2022

Fall 2O22 is ready for shopping! This year I decided to try something very different.
Inspired by this picture of the RRL showroom, I wanted to recreate this look to the best of my financial ability. Color always motivates me which may seem strange to some of you as I am mostly a neutral decor gal, but black is a color! There was something about the color palette, the worn and lived in texture of the leather and the rustic garage style accessories that just spoke to me. It was a new idea and I was going to go with it. . I gathered items all year and saved them up for my Fall reveal. It took my trusty assistant Shon and I a week to get this done because I had to change my ivory burlap walls- but to what? I wanted (non adhesive) black brick wallpaper for at least one of my walls (covering all 3 was too expensive) so Shon was up for the task- sort of. I forgot I had some old printed kraft paper that would be perfect for the rest of the walls. The bottom half of the space had to be covered as well so I grabbed all the 4' x 4' boards I had stuck back in my workroom from other projects, flipped them over and painted them black.