Friday, August 30, 2019


As I flipped through old Curious Sofa store pics, deciding what to post today, I stopped at these large armoires I bought back in 2000 for shop display. I discovered them at Cheep Antiques in the River Mart of Kansas City, I had loved these giant cabinets because of their original paint and over the top detail but certainly had no use for them in my home. When I knew I was opening my first store on the Blvd, the 8’ long cream version was my first purchase. I was told they came out of an Egyptian Hotel. Each one had ornate doors and were once used as wardrobe closets. When we moved to the Village, I bought 2 more 10’ long in pale green. I removed the doors, added shelving and because they were 22” deep, I was thrilled they could hold a plethora of merchandise- especially at Christmas! One held soaps and candles, one was perfect for bedding and one for stationery or kitchen items. Although they were a pain to move, they served me well for ten years and were sold to some faithful customers when we closed. (it tool 6 men to get them out our doors!)