Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Food Networking


Coming to New York for me is all about inspiration. Last night, as Cindy and I were summarizing our day she said, "I am starting to see what you must struggle with at the shop". I had mentioned how difficult it is to see all the splendor of NY; ideas, style, design, product- and then to come home and have to do a watered down version of it because I am in the Midwest and most of my customers can't afford it, maybe don't get it, not all want it... and so it goes. Then, as a creator of retail, I become unhappy because financially I cannot always do what I want visually- and that is how I live and thrive- visually. I can appreciate a good book like the next guy, but I never read as it cannot hold my attention. I love sitting on the beach and taking in the view- but only for a few hours then I get bored. (Now sitting on the beach with a stack of interior magazines, that's living!)

My cafe au lait and chocolate croissant at La Bergamote.

I realized at (almost) every meal or restaurant we have gone to I wanted to shoot a picture of my plate of food. Then I thought why apologize, this is design to me. Especially this place: La Bergamote at 9th Ave and 20th. I am staying in a friends apartment in Chelsea while he is floating around the Hamptons with his Belgium boyfriend. He casually mentioned before he left, "There is a great little French bakery right around the corner'. Cindy and I decided to mosey over and check it out as my beloved Starbucks was further down the street. Oh my- this place also erased everything. Starbucks look out. I am afraid I have found my NY replacement and a comparison is not even possible. This place has it goin' on.

Oh the wonders of lots of pastry in one place...

Pretty great huh?

I decided yesterday was the day to spend away from the gift show and head on downtown. First stop: Pearl River. What a joint! Most of you have probably wandered into your local Chinatown area (if you have one) and seen fun bowls and lanterns and karate shoes. Imagine that blown up into a clean, giant department store. That is Pearl River.

I finally found some wonderful white gauze curtains for my new home decor and these fabrics by the yard, great for upholstery.
In Soho we went to this funky hip-hop place called Yellow Rat Bastard and I was taken by their use of a marquee to decorate the interior. This is really bringing the outdoors in!

I had a moment at the Double RL store.

We then stumbled upon Eleven on Prince Street, a small funky antique store. I loved the industrial light hung inside this cabinet and stuffed tissue decorating the back of the shelf.

This gym basket was hanging over the counter at Eleven- notice the giant spools hiding the cord.

We went back to market today and Buddakan tonight. Central Park boathouse for lunch tomorrow, then home.