Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Elizabeth's Wedding

My favorite pic above: a soft shot of her vintage style shoes trimmed by the magnificent lace skirt.

My dear friend and former retailer, Elizabeth Maxson, got married in St. Louis on a lovely fall afternoon, November 8th. We have been comrades up and down I-70 ever since customers would tell us, "Your store looks similar to Elizabeth House" (or vice versa). Many of you know of her and have visited her blog over the years. Currently she is shooting and writing for Romantic Homes Magazine along with designing, painting and writing (and being a newlywed). She met her husband, Randy Walker, while running in Forest Park and over a year later, I was privileged to attend their lovely wedding.

Of course we talked a bit about the details ahead of time but nothing could have prepared me for the venue: an incredible 1900 carriage house with wood plank ceilings, brick walls and thick glass windows. I thought I had died and gone to heaven! Oh to build something like this one day. To look around was another story: surrounded with comfort, ease, style and charm- it was easy on the eyes and good for my soul. This is how to do a party. In fact, the reception was held before the wedding! Guests ate, drank and visited over an hour before Elizabeth even showed up! Randy worked the crowd and introduced us all and finally she appeared. Take a look at her amazing details- and know, she did all this herself. There was no fancy art director or wedding planner involved. A trip to Sam's Club, the florist, her antique stash- and she was ready. I have attended fancy, expensive weddings that were not nearly as perfect...

Nobody does the drapey fabric thing better than Elizabeth. This was my first look and I knew something special was in store.

Note the amazing colors of all the flower arrangements throughout.

Burlap and candles were used everywhere and the perfect juxtaposition for the event.

This vignette to the left of the entrance.

Another one of her specialties; loading the chandeliers with dried flowers.

Elizabeth brought in all the props: iron sconces, candles, dried arrangements, benches, ironstone, old silver and lace tablecloths to transform this former horse stall into a warm, charming gathering.

They said their vows between two of these columns.

Clusters of lavender and small bottles of olive oil were given to each guest as they left.

Perfection! Layers, shapes, textures, lighting, floral and FOOD!

Note the fork with sign: Scattered throughout, Elizabeth wrote sweet stories about her and Randy and some of the things they have learned about each other since they met.

I loved how she sat this large ironstone pitcher on the floor to catch the water dripping from the baby bathtub.

Above, my gift to them wrapped with kraft paper, burlap ribbon, vintage paper trim, tallow berries and a W charm. Who knew it would match the decor!
My gift below: an antique wedding wreath I found in Round Top. I removed the old photo and added a picture of the two of them with the wedding date.

They had a monogram made which they used on their invitations and also on the wedding cake above. The striped ribbon on the cake matched the fabric from her jacket.

Elizabeth designed both outfits. His, a fine wale corduroy suitcoat and her skirt made from an antique net and lace bedcover.

It was an amazing day!
Lots of love and God's blessing to you both!