Monday, January 19, 2009

In or Out


I always love seeing those 'What's In, What's Out' lists you inevitably see this time of year. After my eyes jump back and forth over two columns of familiar items, my first reaction is always, "Who says so?" I imagine a group of bored editors sitting around a glossy table with tons of tear sheets throwing out comments like, "Yes! I agree, I'm starting to hate pink skirts too..."

The following is a current list I tore out of a trade magazine. This list of Ins & Outs were submitted by retailers commenting on what they say customers like and don't like.

Some of my favorites (with personal commentary included):

Monograms (Why wouldn't they be? They're personal!)

Scent diffusers (Wrong. We've all learned it was a great idea but short lived. Most are not worth their money and rarely scent a room.)

Cheeseboards, platters and bowls (Seriously, these are 'in'?)
Decorative bathroom rugs (So many choices, so little time.)
Window treatments. (As opposed to bottles of Windex).
Owls, penguins, monkeys and Buddhas. (Please, not on the same shelf).

Rustic glamour. (I would love to know what this is).
Living rooms as lounges. (Consult your local air traffic controller).
Jewel tones. (Someone please put these on the OUT list).

Permanent botanicals. (A nice word for fake plants).
Velvets, linen, cotton and silk fabric (What's left, corduroy?)
Comfort (I hope so).

High maintenance furniture (Oh darn, I was so hoping to sell some!)
Unnecessary extravagance (Does this include two-ply tissue?)
Muddy earth tones (However, bright, fluorescent earth tones are in!)
Boring lamps
Boring lampshades (Really!, These were listed separately)
Matchy-matchy (I love that they used this description as if it were in Websters)
Country, primitive, shabby, Victorian or vintage looks (Wanted: Buyer for retail store in Prairie Village, KS)

My own short list of What's In/What's Out
IN: Buying something significant and useful with an emotional reaction. From a fancy coffee to a well-made, comfortable sofa- enjoy it!

Buying to buy. Buying to feed the hoarder in you. Adding to a collection. Enough already!